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Jul 21, 2006 09:33 PM


I'll be in town next weekend meeting a pal who I haven't seen in many years. We both love good beer. What are the best places in town for local brews. My preferences are laid back, not sceney, sort of like dba in NYC on a lazy afternoon. Years ago I'd go to some places in Belltown but don't know if any are still around.

Many thanks.

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  1. My friends love the Elysian on capitol hill, but I never end up going there.

    1. I really like the McMenamins chain out of Portland:

      Dad Watson's in Fremont is my favorite, followed by Six Arms on Capital Hill and finally the Queen Anne location near Seattle Center.

      1. For Breweries, Elyssian on Capital hill or Big Time in the U.

        For multi-tap bars with a good selection of locals in no particular order:

        Colins Pub - Pioneer Square
        Hopvine - Capital Hill
        Duck Island - Aurora near Greenlake
        Brouwers - Freemont
        Barking Dog - Phinney/Ballard-ish

        A bit of a trek but totally worth it is Beverige Place Pub in West Seattle.

        Also check out the sugestions on:

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          Total agreement on BPP in West Seattle.

          While there you might also try Circa Alehouse.

        2. I'd second the Beveridge Place Pub. They have a bunch of excellent local beers, plus an impressive selection of beers from all over the world.

          For my money, there's not a better pub in Seattle.

          1. If you're staying downtown, you might not want to make the trek, but I think that the Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle (Morgan Junction at California and Fauntleroy) is the best place in the city: lots of local brews as well as great imports (both draft and bottle); fantastic staff; excellent atmosphere (not a theme pub--it's the real thing).


            Happy drinking.