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Jul 21, 2006 09:33 PM

San Mateo Suzuyou Has Changed to Yoko's

Today I was dismayed to drive by 2nd Avenue and Delaware in San Mateo and notice that Suzuyou is no more. It was a solid, reliable, Japanese place run by a husband and wife team that offered homestyle cooking in an atmosphere that felt like you were at some roadside spot in Japan. The new sign says "Yoko's Japanese Restaurant" and upon doing a Google search I see there is a restaurant by the same name on Linden in South San Francisco that had a couple of mediocre reviews.

Has anyone been to the San Mateo Yoko's? Does anyone know what happened to the folks at Suzuyou?

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  1. Oh no! My wife and I loved Suzu-you's. I haven't been to its replacement but I'm wary of going there now, after the mediocre reviews of the other location. If anyone checks out Yoko's, please post!

    1. I just went there last Friday, and the "new" restaurant is almost exactly the same as Suzuyou. The chef in the kitchen is the same, decor is mostly the same (new chairs), even the menus are the same (still say Suzuyou on them). Only the matronly Japanese woman when it was Suzuyou seems to be gone, replaced presumably by the new namesake.

      Most importantly, the food IMHO is still the same too...meaning good. :-)