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Jul 21, 2006 09:12 PM

Maui Foods

Going to Maui for a week and will be staying at the four Seasons. Already have Mama's on my list as well as Pineapple Grill. Any other food recommendations? I have two small children who will eat anything but may not enjoy a 3 hour dinner.


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  1. Jimmy,

    Don't know the age of your kids, but if you think they would enjoy it, we really liked the Hula Grill and they have a counter in the kitchen area where you can eat and watch the cooks prepare the wonderful food.

    Billy Bob

    1. Billy Bob,

      They are 3 and 2. Where is this place located? what type of food do they derve?


      1. When my daughter was that age, she loved to watch them make pizza at Cafe Ciao at the Kea Lani. You can walk right to the Wailea path to it, which is pretty spectacular in itself. As much as I love Wailea, unfortunately you'll have to drive a fairly long distance to any of the better Maui restaurants & with a 2 & 3 year old, I wouldn't want to drive all that far... A little more adult, but still fine for young ones is the Maalea Waterfront - you can have dinner there after visiting the aquarium, which should be a hit with them!

        The Polo Grill & swim up bar at the Kea Lani is very popular & their lunches are usually very good - burgers & onion rings great & I remember some good salads. At the Grand Wailea, Humu.... is fun for kids, as you are seated over a fake lagoon. The food is so-so & very expensive for what it is, but you might even walk over for a visit & just have drinks & let them watch the fish.

        I usually have late night flights out & try to do Mama's on the way to the airport. (It's actually past, but not too far). Otherwise, its a huge haul from Wailea & after a bottle of wine...

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        1. re: torta basilica

          Thanks Torta. I will definately try Maalea waterfront and Cafe Ciao.

          Any other rec's?

        2. I would strongly recommend Roy's in Kihei with the kids. They will enjoy it and for whatever anybody has to say about Roy's, it's overall a pretty good meal and pretty predictably good.

          There's a decent Italian-type place at the Four Seasons. We ordered antipasti when we were there so I can't say how the entrees are, but your kids might also like that. I'm a big antipasti eater, so that was dinner one night. We also had a very good meal at Spago, although it is incredibly pricey, maybe too fancy for the kids, and there are a lot of people who say it's not that great. This was one of the few places in Hawaii where the non-fish option (my lamb) was better than my husband's fish.

          In addition, check out Stella Blues for breakfast. They have REALLY GOOD macadamia nut pancakes.

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          1. re: kersie

            Go to Roys and order the chocolate souffle. My mouth waters thinking about it 12 years later!

          2. You said you are staying at the Four Seasons and have Mama's and Pineapple Grill on your list. Both of them are far away from where you are staying, so might be boring drives for the two little kids.

            Nick's Fishmarket at the Kea Lani is very close to your hotel, and has fabulous food and service, though (just like Mama's and Pineapple Grill) it is not a kids or family type of restaurant. For family fare, I'd suggest you go to Stella Blues in Kihei.