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Jul 21, 2006 08:47 PM

2 Amys Once Again

This time of year, it's very difficult to think of a better place for lunch than sidling up to the bar at 2 Amys. The tomatoes on the Margherita Extra are in full flower (ask for it a bit on the well-done side); meats and cheeses are great (boar sandwich yesterday); the soft-shell sandwich is probably the best in town. You already know about the wines, beers, and sparkling lemonade.

And for at least the next week or so . . . peach ice cream! It was really creamy and strong on the vanilla yesterday, with a fairly modest undertone of sweet peachiness. But I'm told that the new batch of peaches is amazing and that therefore this ice cream next week will be bursting. See you there.

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  1. That's nice. But I've always thought 2 Amys was just a little too precious. I'll take the white pizza at Ristorante AV while it's still around, or even the white at the Ugly Mug.

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    1. re: monkeyrotica

      On the contrary, 2 Amys cooking (and presentation) is very rustic and simple. No layering of unusual ingredients, fancy techniques, designer flourishes. That would be my definition of 'precious', anyway.

    2. Well, I wouldn't call California Pizza Kitchen "precious." They're just overwraught and bad.

      When I'm at 2 Amys, I get the same feeling I usually get when someone's reading their own poetry. They usually try a little too hard. It's a decent pie for what it is, but there's just a little cognitive dissonance going on for me. I don't usually associate Northwest DC with "simple and rustic."

      AV on the other hand is a rundown dump in a getrifying stretch of NY Ave, with red check tablecloths, Mario Lanza on the juke, and a pie that isn't trying to be something from Naples. It's an American pie, and a good one at that. I guess for me it's more of an aesthetic problem than a flavor one.

      1. I love this restaurant. We moved to PA, but when we lived in NOVA, we went there often.

        1. I'd have to disagree on the soft shell crab sandwich. I appreciate the rustic bread, but when they use it with the SS crab, it's all crunchy texture and hard to get your mouth around. It'd be a great sandwich IF and only if they used softer bread.

          1. I just don't get the 2 Amy's fascination. The pizza is good. In my opinion, Pizzeria Paradiso is FAR superior. Last time I was at 2 Amy's, my pie was a little doughy.

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            1. re: zelda68

              I'm with you. It's a good pie, but between the spotty service and the tropical atmosphere, it's not worth it for me. And some folks at seem to agree.