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Jul 21, 2006 08:43 PM

Northern Westchester AKA Chowhound wasteland!

Choclate Chick just wrote:

"Hey SLO, I think you are right on. What is the deal with Northern Westchester restaurants anyway? With so many transplants from Manhattan, you'd think there would be some better options. If you know of any gems, please, do tell..."

Unfortunately it's also a wasteland for any good markets (unless you consider Wholefoods and Turcos top notch!)

Williams Gourmet Chicken, a legend on the UWS, doesn't seem to be getting the raves it got in the city.

Amazing really, as Choclate Chick said, with so many transplants from Manhattan.

Please keep us posted on any new finds.

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  1. There are lots of good restaurants in Ossining. To name just two, Goldfish just opened a few weeks ago. They're a seafood and oyster bar with very NYC atmosphere and good food. Also, for breakfast and brunch, there's wobble cafe -- Great migas. Voted best breakfast in Westchester.

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      Where is Goldfish? Sounds like something worth checking out.

      1. re: ltlevy

        Did a google search and found the answer to my own question...

        6 Rockledge Avenue (formerly Dudley’s)

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          Well, my wife and I finally made it to Goldfish, and were very disappointed. It is a fairly fancy place, linen tablecloths and napkins, and rather expensive.

          When we walked in we saw 2 different rooms. One was the bar with tables throughout, and the other was a smaller room with just 6-8 tables. We opted for the smaller room, hoping to avoid any bar noise. The room has no sound absorption qualities at all! The chef came around to talk to someone at another table and his voice projects. The room just amplified it to no end (side note: I was in the middle of a mild migraine at that time, so I suffered from some noise sensitivity. But my wife also felt it was loud.). Then the bar side got even louder and that started to echo into the room we were. With the prices they charge, one would hope for a nice quiet place to enjoy the food.

          For an appetizer we both opted for the Chunky Shrimp and Crab Bisque soup. It was a rather large serving (~ $8), but we were both shocked that along with the crab and shrimp there were sea legs. At those prices, I don't want to see fake crab filler!!!

          For the entrees, I had the crab cakes, which were quite good. Not much filler, and a nice crisp pan fried crust on the top and bottom.

          My wife had a scallop dish in a vanilla anise sauce. This dish was ruined by sand from the scallops. When it was brought to the waiters attention, he first questioned whether it was pepper or not. She said no it wasn't and he then left saying nothing else. He came back later and said he tasted the sauce and noticed something grainy, but was sure it was pepper (from the taste). My wife told him it was not the pepper, and he basically told us that anything can happen. Again, not the expected service for such a restaurant.

          Lastly, the busboy would come by to check on us, but would always ask if we want more bread or water. Now, I can understand that you wouldn't want to waste bread, but water? Just fill it!!! We both got the feeling that he was really asking for permission to not have to do anything.

          All in all, a total disappointment.

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        I've been to the Wobble Cafe ... even had the Migas. The space is great. The look, the feel, the atmosphere all fabulous. Wish I could say the same for the food, I found it passable at best (as did all in our party). I haven't been back, maybe I should give it another try but I don't understand the raves. I'm not sure what the criteria is for "Best" breakfast in Westchester.

        I would like to try Goldfish - don't need a very NYC atmosphere, but am intrigued with the comment about good food.

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          Did Goldfish retain the wonderful, historic bar at Dudley's? Do they have live music there? What have you eaten there, what are the prices like? Sorry for the rapid fire questions, we used to enjoy having cocktails at the bar in Dudley's, along with the jazz pianist/singer, and I am hoping that the atmosphere is still fun, and that the food is even better. Thanks for your response!

        2. Northern Westchester has some gems. All within 15 minutes of Caramoor. My favorite for food is Stoneleigh Creek in Croton Falls. Small menu but super ingredients. The wine list has great values. Purdy's Homestead in Purdy's has a great seasonal menu with awesome desserts! Jaipore, over the line in Brewster, has excellent Indian fare in a good setting. I like the Blazer, but the burgers have been hit and miss as of late. Most people up here in the Northern Wasteslands get home way too late to dine during the week. It makes it tough for restaurants to make the big bucks! They have to survive on Weekend business only. Also, there is very little lunch trade.

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            Point taken about too late to dine out during the week and slow lunch trades.

            It's interesting to me, having grown up in Port Washington on Long Island, that in spite of the drawbacks of Long Island there are significantly more excellent, very good and good restaurants there than in Westchester. I don't mean excellent as in expensive, rather meaning a broad spectrum of price ranges with excellent food. Seems there are the same late home and lunch trade issues on Long Island.

            I know Jaipore has gotten some great reviews, but I prefer Mughal Palace (in Valhalla) and that is only in comparison not a strong vote for either.

            All just opinions ...

            1. re: SLO

              Have noticed same on LI...I think it is due to population density.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. 2 pts about westchester dining. the first is that w/the cost of land/rents being so high, the only places that seem to "make it" are those who open to rave reviews and sustain that business, whether it's b/c of good food or a certain clubby atmosphere (food really not so great, but the management/owners have perfected the art of kissing up to a core of regulars). the high cost of doing bz. up here, combined with the geography, in that everything is spread out and vehicle-based, isn't really condusive to supporting a lot of diverse choices in a range of prices.
              the 2nd is that, like pps have said, westchester does have some great places to eat if you are open to them. just b/c it's not like manhattan doesn't mean it's good. i, for one, (mostly) like westchester for what it is and wouldn't want to see it become a carbon copy of manhattan.

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                That being said Blaze, please tell me some of the places you enjoy in Northern Westchester. I don't need the restaurants to be like Manhattan. I'm open, I'm open...where do you chow?

                1. re: chocolate chick

                  Chocolate Chick and anyone else (although I know there are threads and threads about PC)... Curious .... Where do you go in Port Chester? I really like Cafe Mirage and "Q" as well as Pantanal, Misti and Inca y Gaucho.

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