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Jul 21, 2006 08:17 PM

Coolidge Corner tonight?

Headed over for an evening of errands near Coolidge Corner, and need ideas for a mid-priced interesting meal (20 bucks per person or under). Any Asian is good, as is good pub grub or pasta.

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  1. how about some thai food at dok bua? definitely within your price range, and pretty much everyone here loves this place.

    1. Dok Bua is indeed a great place. If you want something slightly more upscale, you could also try Khao Sarn, which is about a block south of Coolidge Corner. Most of their meals are under $20, and the atmosphere is much nicer than Dok Bua.

      Another place to try is Rami's, which is just north of Coolidge Corner near the theater. Excellent Israeli food, and pretty cheap.

      Pho Lemongrass isn't bad, either. Decent Vietnamese food at decent prices. It's across the street from Khao Sarn.

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        But Rami's isn't likely to be open tonight, it being Friday and all.

        We had an outstanding pizza at the Upper Crust on Monday night, though I don't think that fits this particular query. A bit too much tomato in the topping, but incredible crust. We usually get take-away, rather than eating in, and it's definitely better in-house!

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          I'm a fan of Khao Sarn and Dok Bua.

          Had a great lunch this week at KS...3 dishes I really enjoy are the beef salad, salmon how moak...kind of a steamed cocount/salmon custard, and pad ki mow w/squid..wide rice noodles. Other dishes I like are miang kum..a shrimp/ peanut app, and the fish cakes.

        2. My mistake! It won't be open until Sunday. Sorry about that...

          1. I'd go to Khao Sarn. In fact, I might :). If you are cocktailing, I can recommend the Khao Sarn cosmo--it's made with rose-infused vodka and is nice for something different.

            A little further up Harvard toward Brookline Village is a Greek place I've been meaning to try (Niko's, I think?). Someone gave it a positive review here recently.

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              My one meal there upon moving to Coolidge Corner was extremely dissappointing. Now I've lived here for seven years and when I want Greek food, I go to the Greek Corner in Cambridge. However Brookline Village has the Family Restaurant, decent Turkish food.

            2. Some favorites in and around Coolidge Corner --

              Dok Bua (my favorites are the pad kee mao, indonesian friend rice, crispy duck with chilli)
              Anna's Taqueria (carnitas quesadillas, tacos or quesadillas al pastor)
              Botegga Fiorentino (the timballo is outstanding)
              Upper Crust (try the Uncommon)
              Khao Sarn
              Rod Dee

              And slightly further out (Brookline Village, Washington Square, St Mary's):

              Sichuan Garden (chicken with capsicum, sichuan dumplings, things off the chinese menu)
              Brookline Family Restaurant (Turkish)
              Matt Murphy's
              Washington Square Tavern
              Beacon Street Tavern (steak tips are great)
              Audobon Circle (buger, potstickers)