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Jul 21, 2006 07:53 PM

Romantic, Not Ridiculou$ near Ferry Bldg?

Angeleno in town for the weekend staying near the Ferry Building and looking for a decent restaurant that's not obnoxiously loud and reasonably priced (under $50/person).

Staying at Hotel Griffon -- any thoughts from locals about its Faz Restaurant?

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  1. Not Faz.

    Palio d'Asti is quiet and has a fairly romantic atmosphere, but it's open only Monday-Friday. (Neighborhood's pretty dead on the weekends.)

    Monte Cristo Cafe is comfortable and has a great view. Recently got a new French chef, I'm pretty sure the menus on the Web site are out of date.

    There have been some positive reports recently about the food at Marketbar, in the Ferry Building.

    1. I liked Monte Cristo but wouldn't consider it romantic and it's not cheap for what you're getting. Very business lunch. The curry nuts are good.

      How about Bix? Sexy atmosphere and great drinks, although I haven't eaten there in ages.

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        Have you been there at night with the view? Actually it's only when it's dark outside that the view is great, and that's pretty late this time of year.

        We just got appetizers and pizzas, which were the most interesting things, and it wasn't very expensive.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Yup, I've been there at night, in February and March when it was presumably dark. The pizza oven broke after the first time I went. Have they fixed it since then?

          The seating is still not my idea of a romantic spot--it's not the Ferry Building I'd be looking at on a hot date.

        1. if you skipped wine you could squeeze in a couple of courses at Boulevard for under $50pp, but then skipping wine might not be very romantic.

          I ate at Monte Cristo and since it was before the new chef will not remark on the state of the food as it was back then, but I'll doubt the prices have changed that much. I clearly remember our bill was a surprisingly hefty $170 for two.

          Flytrap - about a 10-15 min walk from the Ferry Building is very romantic with a live piano player some nights (call to check which nights). I love their Limestone lettuce salad. The menu has options that will keep you under $50, but there are also some more expensive options too so you will have to exert the necessary cautions on yourself. The food can be quite classic and rich so I normally stickk to a couple of appetizers instead of getting an entree. They even sprinkle rose petals on your place settings sometimes - you can't get more romantic than that!

          1. Piperade is about a 15 minute walk and I think it is reasonably romantic,not too loud, and within your price range...excellent food:


            personally, I find Hog Island Oyster Bar at the Ferry Building romantic, especially if you sit outside, but only if you love oysters (or believe in their romantic powers) :-)...quite easy to go over $50 a person if you love oysters as much as I do, however...but they have one really nicely priced special of a dozen oysters and a bottle of wine for something like $30...

            Have fun!

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