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Jul 21, 2006 07:19 PM

Best bottled BBQ sauce? (without Liquid Smoke - ick)

I want to make some easy BBQ chicken with a bottled sauce, but I'm leary of buying anything because I hate the taste of Liquid Smoke.

Can you help me find a good bottled BBQ sauce without the smoke taste in it? (I can burn it on my own to get the real flavor. :-) Actually, I'm going to make the crockpot BBQ chicken that Monica7 posted in a recent slow-cooker thread:

By the way, I'm in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN), if there are any good local options.

Many thanks,

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  1. I don't know if you have Cattlemen's Honey Barbecue Sauce where you live, but it has no smokey taste. It's really good, I'm usually not a great bottled bbq sauce fan and I love it. I find it at my local chain grocery stores (in So. California :-)

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    1. re: wendy8869

      Sorry, but Cattlemen's has "natural smoke flavoring" in it.

    2. No idea if it's sold in MN, but Stubb's is the only OTC bbq sauce I can tolerate. It's spicy, not much sugar, just in case this is important to you.

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      1. I like a lot of the sauces made by Original Juans ( I haven't checked which have liquid smoke. My favorite lines are the Bilardo Brothers and Pain is Good lines, but they have others.

        By the way, just for the record, char (i.e. burned) and smoke are very different things. :_)

        1. I'll second Stubb's! Not a bad flavor, and it works well to enhance if you feel inspired.

          1. I often make my own marinade BBQ sauce, however, if I do buy it I prefer Sweet Baby Ray's- sold in many regular grocery stores.

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            1. re: pamd

              I make a killer BBQ sauce too--lots of Bourbon.

              But, Sweet Baby Ray's is great.
              (The Hickory & Brown Sugar version is my favorite. It does not taste contrived albeit containing your dreaded ingredient...others may want to try it :)

              1. re: Funwithfood

                I agree with SBR's. It's easily the best mass produced sauce. I love the hickory brown sugar one but you'll skip that. For others though, it's the one.
                I live in Canada and travel to the states quite a bit. I always bring home a trunk full of that stuff to satisfy the demand from my friends and family.