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Jul 21, 2006 07:15 PM

ISO Sparkling Shiraz

After a recent visit to Australia, we thought for sure that sparkling reds would make there way here (Canada) by such luck. It seemed to be a growing phenom down under....our favourite was at the Yalumba vineyard in the Barossa valley. Does anyone know of any labels available - say in North America????

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  1. I guess it depends upon where you are in Canada.

    Sparkling Shiraz has been available in Alberta for over a decade. The first one I tried was E. & E. Black Pepper Sparkling Shiraz from Richmond Hills in Calgary. I think I still have a bottle at home.

    I have seen others from Seppelt, a label called "Vixen", enjoyed the "Chainsaw" label from Knapstein and several others.

    Can vary between sweet and forgettable and quite excellent.

    1. LoN:

      Checked with my local store and they currently have the following in stock

      '94 Seppelt Show Show Reserve Sparkling Shiraz [Victoria] $66.99

      '97 Peter Lehman The Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz [Barossa]$31.99

      Seaview Sparkling Shiraz [SE Australia] $12.49

      Would like to try the Seppelt Show Reserve is someone else was buying [smile]

      I know I have also seen sparkling cab blends and a sparkling malbec from Argentina but it was pretty dreadful.

      1. You don't say where you're located, LoN. As far as I know, sparkling shiraz has never been sold in Quebec but Ontario's LCBO has stocked a few (e.g. Hardys NV, E&E Black Pepper) from time to time. Sheppelt Show is the benchmark, said to be able to age for decades. Elderton NV used to -- and may still -- be sold in Alberta.

        1. Thanks BobMac and carswell.....ironically, we were in Edmonton for 2 decades before moving back to Ontario....and I DID have a sparkling red years ago at none other than the Iron Bridge!!! I have heard it's no longer there (124 and Jasper??) We have lots of friends there and perhaps we can score a favour and have a bottle sent to us!! Can I ask the name of your "local" store?? We frequented a store on 178th street - name escapes me, but also visited Dennis Miller and Cristal's....I'd love to try the Lehman shiraz...we were right at the vineyard door in OZ. Vintages at the LCBO in Ontario do carry a couple from time to time, so will have to watch closely.

          1. Another note....I contacted the Yalumba rep for Canada and they actually brought in the Sparkling Shiraz a couple of years ago, but no was quite yummy. Too bad it doesn't travel well or we would have brought a couple bottles home with us!!!