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Jul 21, 2006 06:40 PM

Need Help with Omakase @ Azami Tonight

Ok, my dining companion and I are feeling a bit adventurous tonight -- and so we got a bar seating @ Azami Sushi Cafe. We're both interested in the omakase but relatively inexperienced in that (in the past we've always just picked our own rolls and sushis) -- if anyone can offer advice on how that goes @ Azami (and how much it'll cost... in the ballpark figure), we'd much appreciate it.


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    1. re: JBC

      Thanks for the info -- I did run a search on Azami and saw that thread (amongst others), just wondering if people have more Omakase-specific experiences (and advice) to offer.

    2. Azami is wonderful!

      At the beginning tell them you want "omakase" or chef's choice. At this point you can tell them about what you want to spend ($35-$40/pp or $50/pp, depending on your appetite) and ask them if this is do-able. At this time also tell them anything that you do not care for: "no green onion, or no uni." I also usually ask to split each order between us, one piece each, so that you will get to try more of what they have before you get too full. Azami willingly does this, although not all sushi chefs are so amenable.

      Nothing more is required of you except an occasional audible sign of heavenly pleasure! I was told that "omakase" is a real compliment to the chef because you are trusting them to give you their best for you. They love the feedback!

      Just before I think I am done, I usually let them know that I would like just two more orders. I do this because quite often the chef will save something wonderful for the end, such as a blue crab handroll. I don't want to miss this, so I try to let them know how I am doing. In the reverse, they will ask you if you want anything else -- if they are done. At that time, if you are not full, you can let them know. This might mean that you are adding on to the pre-arranged beginning price, but at least you have that choice if you are not yet full.

      About $40-$50/pp (before beverages, tax and gratuity) should do it, but discuss this at the beginning if you want to know for sure.

      For the first time at a sushi bar, I think "omakase" is the only way to do it, because then you can sample what the chef considers to be their best. Next time, you will know exactly what you want at that particular bar, or you can do chef's choice again because it changes from season to season.

      Enjoy, enjoy!

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        Very helpful, domo arigato!

        1. re: AquaW

          You're welcome, AquaW. Be well!

      2. Trust Niki, she will guide you well. There are a couple of not to miss items on the list that you should take the extra time to savor if not ordering separately. Albacore in smokey ponzu sauce, tuna crispies, grilled toro, and the salmon spring rolls.

        1. reporting back -- Azami's omakase was excellent . . . at $40/pp we definitely felt we got reasonably valued foods (2-3 of our 11 dishes was toro! and there were other rare items like yellowtail belly & japanese sea scallops). I did take the advice of getting "split plate" in order to sample more, and we indicated no uni, but love tuna & crab (and boy did we get many delicious pieces of that.) Loved the tuna crunchies and the albacore in smokey ponzu with scallion slices, as well as the blue crab hand roll with flying fish roe at the end.

          We also splitted a plate of mixed sashimi, which was wonderfully prepared as well.

          NEXT time, however, I probably will leave out the "no uni" rule -- I trust those amazing gals completely! (I may actually be going back as soon as Wednesday, depending on if my Mom cares for sushi that night.)

          Thanks again for the help, everyone!

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          1. re: AquaW

            I wasn't holding my breath -- I KNEW you would love it!

            Will you do "omakase" again?

            1. re: liu

              you bet your toro I will! :) Maybe next time I'll even attempt to not look like a chowhound campy and NOT take sushi pictures (DailyGluttony did a good job anyways ;) )

          2. coincidence that i was there last night too for my 1st time. i have to agree that azami is excellent, beyond my expectations. i like the freshly grated wasabi, although little to none is even needed as the chef already applies a liberal amount to sushi. i sat the bar and was served by the better english speaker of the 2 ladies (name?). she was friendly and we chatted throughout the meal about the food. one item that i've never had before was tasmanian sea trout. it is orange in color like salmon but unique in taste. i also had seared/chopped toro lettuce cup, halibut sashimi, japanese snapper, albacore, sea scallop, tuna, toro, unagi, spanish mackerel, yellowtail, uni (we were hungry!). near the end of the meal we were asked if we wanted anything else before ending with a roll. added on sweet shrimp (so big it was served halved as 2 pieces!), kanpachi, another piece of yellowtail (gf loved it). We finished off with toro and blue crab handrolls.

            came out to $150 after tax/tip for 2, with 1 small sake. overall, this is the best sushi i've had next to nozawa.

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              agreed about that Tasmanian Sea Trout. Very unique flavor, perhaps enhanced by the eye/palate trick of assuming it will taste like regular salmon, then being very pleasantly surprised with a new taste all together.