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Jul 21, 2006 06:13 PM

Monday afternoon AND night near Metro Tech Center in downtown Bklyn?

It's two, two, two questions in one!

First, what's the best delivery/takeout lunch near Metro Tech?

And second, where should I take a group of out-of-towners (around 8 people) for dinner after work at Metro Tech on a Monday evening? It would be nice not to have to stray too far away, since we'll be working relatively late that night and very early the next morning. Let's see... what else? Um, a liquor license is essential, and cost is a consideration. Say, up to $17ish for entrees? Any type of food.

Thank you thank you thank you!

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  1. Try Metro Cafe ...there is one in the Blue Cross Building or Luciano's there as well...both recently opening...good selection of sandwiches and create your own salad.....for Dinner try the Marriott across the street.

    1. What's in the Marriott? Is it upscale American food?

      1. The only place I can think of without having to walk down or take the B41 bus down to Front Street is the TGIF's or Houlihans or whichevr chain replaced Cage and Tolner's on Fulton St. The Marriott is good but it will certainly run you over $25 a person. Everyone else around that area shuts down or has very little left after lunch. How far is far, btw? There are a few place on Court Street and Henry Street that might fit your bill. You might also want to consider Junior's on Flatbush and Dekalb. Not the greatest food in the world but they do put on a good show and they have really good cheesecake as well as a booze license.

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          I couldn't find the Archives (Marriott) menu on line, so I don't how expensive the entrees are for dinner. But I think it's your best bet for dinner on Monday, very close to MetroTech. (There are tons of good places on Atlantic Avenue, Smith Street, some in Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, etc., but you said you wanted to stay close to MetroTech.) With all due to respect to bigmackdaddy, I would not go to TGIFridays. His idea about Junior's might be good though.

          1. re: parkslopemama

            Juniors could be good for your lunch takeout - I dont know what the delivery situation there is.

            As for the dinner, you could get to any number of places on Smith St., Fifth Ave., Ft. Greene etc. in 10 min in a couple of cabs. At least you would remember being in Brooklyn and not in anywheres-ville hotel cuisine, which might be fine. Or you could go across the bridge to chinatown - thats 10 min too, max once you are in your cab, I dont know what places in Brooklyn are open on Monday - what kind of food are you looking for?

            1. re: parkslopemama

              I'm not reccomending TGIF's either. At least not in a normal situation. However, his wanting dinner at below $17 a person near Metrotech/Downtown Brooklyn kind of narrows the field. That area is pretty much a breakfast and lunch thing.

          2. I second some of the above -- no matter where you are at Metrotech you can walk to Smith and Atlantic within 15 minutes and probably less. For god's sake, don't go to the Marriott.

            Walk south on Smith until you see something you like. On a Monday you'll have little problem accommodating a large party. The only places I would flat-out avoid are Gravy and, if it's still even open, Village 247.