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Aug 27, 2004 03:36 AM

Pupusaria #6 - La Palma ... Off-day, downhill .... or fiction?

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My first visit here. Nice little store.

I order the pupusa with pork, cheese, and beans. Everything is takeout, so I sit on this wooden chest to wait and 30 seconds later, my order is ready to go.

At $1.95 they are the most expensive pupusa to date. THey usually run about $1.50.

I get to the car and rip open the bag. It is lukewarm and ... wrong. I go back. They assure me I have the right thing. I put on my glasses and squint at the thin filling ... well, yeah, maybe that is cheese ... I guess there's cheese in there. Kind of stingy filling as well. There is a little plastic cup of curtido which is good as is the red salsa.

I guess the fact that they don't make them on order disappointed me. I was expecting molten, I got tepid.

I tremble that the creator of chow world, the great Jeff Jim might catch this post and reign down his wrath upon me. Will I be dogged in the future, hounds nipping at my heels baying about my lack of taste? Or will I be banished from the garden of eatin' for such herasy.

Just kidding, of course ... especially about the fiction ... Jim ... Mr. Leff ... sir....

However, not kidding about the pupusa. I forgot to take notes about other good things to order here, so will have to stop by another day.


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  1. No worries on this, Krys. I've taken up the matter with Mr. Leff myself earlier. He apparently had a fresh, made to order one...I never had a hot pupusa at La Palma, so can't share his high opinion either. Even the best pupusa around can't show well tepid or reheated.

    1. No sweat, thanks for the post! I dont' actually go there for pupusas mostly (though I like them a lot). I concentrate on the bagged fried items in the market part of the store, especially their stupendous potato chips, which I consider the best in the continental USA (having tried 350 brands). As for the prepared foods, I don't treat them like a Salvadoran take-out restaurant. It's not a pupusaria, and doesn't really stand up to the sort of horizontal testing you're doing. Its a bit apple/orangey. I'm into the overall gestalt of their prepared food offerings, no item of which is top-of-form but all of which have mucho soul and personality and are made with fantastic massa. My love of La Palma is cumulative, deep, scorchingly passionate, and long-term. It's not a superficial one night stand sort of single pupusa infatuation quickie dissolute affair. And the various strands of my devotion coalesced around their superb potato chips. So you didn't really approach them in the sanctioned way. You...just....don't....understand!

      ; )