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Jul 21, 2006 05:52 PM

Searching for the Seattle equivalent of L.A.'s Mexican food...

Seriously folks. Is La Carta de Oaxaca the best we can do?

Does anyone know ANYWHERE (that's a sit down restaurant, not a taco truck) that has delicious, authentic Mexican food?

Or do I have to head to Los Angeles when I've got a serious jones for it?

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  1. Spudsocks, You will have to drive South to Tacoma. There, at 40th & McKinley (an area Tacoma police refer to as "Sector 4") you will find El Compadre`. Walk past the bars on the doors & windows and through the grocery store to the restaurant in back. There you will find truly great Mexican food. Brush up on your Spanish though, English is not spoken at El Compadre`.
    (Saturday morning, Menudo is served from 9:00 on. It's terrific.)

    1. G.F.L., in Seattle proper. The closest you are going to find in Seattle is El Puerco Lloron on the Hillclimb in the Market, but even it -- though delicious -- is not the authentic place that I know you are describing. DK the Tacoma place mentioned, but it surely sounds plausible.

      1. Muy Macho is excellent. Guaymas and Malena are both good.

        1. Oh, BTW, just so you can really, really know what you're missing:

          1. The only places I have found that are a step above edible are:

            El Purco Lloron on the stair climb of Pike Place Market
            and El Gallito in the Central Distric at 1700 20TH Ave. Be warned that El Gallito's margaritas dont taste strong but come with a double shot of tequila.

            For breakfeast I've liked Senor Moose Cafe on Leary in Ballard. The sauces are good and they use Cojito cheese.

            Im not very fond of Guaymas or Malenas.

            Otherwise you have to go to Eastern Washington.