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Jul 21, 2006 05:28 PM

Help- Brain fried and can't think of where to have a chowhound outting tomorrow!!!

Taking advantage of our newly inherited car, we want to have a chowhound outing tomorrow- but I have just spent an HOUR on the phone with my friend being unable to decide. Maybe we are just too open to whatever. Because of the power issues, we wanted to avoid Queens, but we are willing to go anywhere that we know will have electricty. No chinese, I think, is the only rule. And not very expensive. Just delicious, authentic/creative food. Please, help us! We had decided on trying Queens Hideaway in Greenpoint, but then we read an old post from the chef that made us dislike her too much. We thought of Mexican on Sunset Park but couldn't find a restaurant, not stand, suggestion. We thought of Red Hook, but we want to try a new place and we've been to 360 and El Huipil.
PLease! Something unusual and yumi. HELP!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm assuming that you meant that you've been to the Red Hook ballfields and LeNell's (for bourbon tastings) as well as 360 and El Huipil. Otherwise, that's the #1 route. Check out Fairway and the Beard St art while you're at it.

    #2 choice would be to drive up Coney Island Ave, stopping at a couple of the Pakistani places for small things. Then to DiFara's for pizza. Then to Coney Island Ave around Ave J. for fruit, etc. Then up toward Brighton Beach, stopping at a Turkish place for dessert. Then Brighton Beach itself for Russian things and a walk on the Boardwalk.

    #3 would be a drive up Fulton to the area around Bedford or Nostrand. All Caribbean islands are represented. Drive Nostrand all the way to Brooklyn College area, stopping for food at interesting places for jerk, etc. Continue to Mill Basin Deli and get a corned beef and/or pastrami sandwich.

    #4 (my least favorite, but if you havent been there...) Drive to 86th St and then drive the length of it to Dyker Heights area. Lots of shopping, E.European & Chinese (I know, that's not what you want), then hit Totonno's.

    Have fun.

    1. How about some ceviche and roasted chicken at Pollada de Laura and then drive over to the Lemon Ice King / Benfaremo's for dessert?

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        I agree about ceviche at Pollada de Laura but suggest the Jalea (lightly fried seafood) and some chicha morada (purple spiced corn drink) and of course I always stop by Benfaremo's for a lemon ice. I even bought one of their t-shirts on my last visit.

      2. Baci Arrabiaci on Grand St. between Driggs and Bedford Ave. Hands down some of the best northern Italian in Brookyln, well since Al Di La opened. Pies and Thighs also in Williamsburg, amazing pies, housemade BBQ on the pit in back. Go for the best Slice of 'Grandmas' at Sal's Famous on Lorimer St. one block south off Metropolitan Ave. Bonita on Bedford Ave and S. 1st St. is excellent for authentic Mexican, done with organic and naturally raised ingredients. Finish at Cheeks Bakery on Metropolitan at Havermayer. The Black Raspberry Tarts are exellent. At some point, people are going to realize that there are other places to eat in BK besides 5th Ave. and Smith St. Cheers!

        1. I know you said no Chinese but what about regional Chinese? In Flushing you have a huge choice.

          For Sichuan you have Spicy and Tasty on Prince or that new place Xiao La Jiao, Sietsema just reviewed in Spicy and Tasty's old location on Roosevelt.

          I love all the northern Chinese places that have been opening up the past few years. They are so completely different from other Chinese cuisine.

          There is the North Eastern/Liaoning Province Chinese place on Prince (on the other side of Roosevelt from Spicy and Tasty), Waterfront International Enterprises Chinese.
          Or Afanti for North Western China Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Cuisine specializing in lamb/goat on 41st up from Main St.
          Or Little Lamb Happy Family restaurant on Main St for Mongolian/Chinese hot pot.

          1. Joe's of Avenue U is a fun and affordable meal out, and if the weather is nice, you could go out to Clement's Crab Shack in Sheepshead Bay. Does anyone have any other suggestions for eating near water but also being pretty close to the city?