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Jul 21, 2006 05:24 PM

Cooked items at Hamakawa?

Going there with a group, some of them are non-sushi eaters. I know I liked the tempura a lot last time I was there. What are some of the other good cooked items on the menu? Thanks.

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  1. If you google "Hamakawa" and nothing else, the second choice down is a food blog for this restaurant. It offers detailed information about several cooked items.

    I have never been, but it sounds good.

    1. the black cod with miso is reliably good.

      1. They have a ceviche which is good. Cooked stuff....the snapper with saffron, squid pasta, filet with mushrooms, fried chicken (Japanese style), ....

        1. If you want more cooked stuff maybe you should go to Haru Ulala.