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Italian Markets or Stores

I'm looking for an Italian market that has a wide range of things, cheese, meats, canned goods, pastas & specialty items. My Dad lives in Naperville and is convinces he cannot find these items and always lugs back tons of stuff from NY. I know they exist, I just don't know where. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. If you are looking for Italian markets in Chicago: Bari Foods on Grand, Riveria on Harlem

    1. Caputo's on Lake Street in Addison. There's another one in Hannover Park, also on Lake. Take 355 North to Army Trail, East on Army Trail then left (North) on 53 to Lake, right (East) on Lake. It's on the North Side.

      1. Riviera
        3220 N. Harlem
        Elmwood Park, IL

        Fantastic Italian meats, sausages, cheeses, specialty items, etc. They make the very best Italian Sausage around.
        Also try Caputo's for great produce. Elwood Park has many great Italian shops along North and Harlem. Stop by Jim & Pete's on North avenue for lunch...great food!

        Minelli's Brothers
        7780 N. Milwaukee Avenue
        Niles, IL

        Great butcher shop. Try Grandma Minelli's prepared foods. I don't usually buy prepared foods but this stuff is homemade. The prepared pastas, pizzas, and sauces, meatballs, etc., are fantastic.

        FYI: Thier mild Italian sausage is quite hot

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          Caputo's on Harlem (a couple blocks down from Riviera) will also serve your other needs. Imported olive oils, pasta, aceto, etc. and etc., along with a deli and cheese counter. Not always the best quality for everything but everything at great prices.

        2. Yes, try Bari Foods in Grand, just East of Ogden. Bari's isn't a huge store, but they've got your basics for great Italian cooking; i.e., olive oils, balsamic vinegars, pasta, Italian canned tuna, homemade sausage, fresh Italian deli meats and cheeses, olives, etc. They've got this deli/butcher counter in the back of the store and they serve up some mean subs!

          Right next door to Bari's is D'Amato's Bakery. They've got the best bread (you can smell them baking a mile away), great Italian butter cookies and chocolate covered cannolis that are out of this world!!! I often walk over to that corner to grab myself a great big homemade meatball sub and an Italian soda from Bari's, then finish off my meal by getting a chocolate cannoli from D'Amato's for dessert afterwards. It doesn't get any better than that!

          1. Although I realize your over an hour away, Tenuta's Italian Deli in Kenosha,WI has quite an impressive array of imported cheeses, spices, handmade pastas & sauces, wines, cigars, deli meats & coffee.

            They have an online web site you can order from as well, but walking the aisles is priceless: http://www.tenutasdeli.com/

            1. Tell him to try Frankie's Deli in Lombard, behind the Yorktown Shopping Center. They have an excellent selection of Italian deli meats, cheeses, etc., as well as other items.

              1. It's been a little while since I lived in Chicago, but loved http://www.contedisavoia.com/ and exploring the Taylor Street neighborhood for Italian lemonade and sandwiches.

                1. Your dad is going to be very happy in a short time because Caputo's is about to open a store in Naperville, and it is supposed to be their biggest one yet. Having said that, I know of several people who make the trip out to either Hanover Park, Bloomingdale or Addison to go there because they have an impressive array of many types of food, not just Italian. They also have some great pastry! All of the Caputo's mentioned above are on Lake Street.

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                    That is interesting. The Daily Herald, a newspaper that generally dowsn't cover much news in McHenry County, just announced that Joe Caputo and Son's will be taking over the shuttered Cub Store at the corner of Algonquin and Randall Rd. in the village of Carpentersville.

                  2. Interested to hear that a Caputo's is coming into N'ville. Any idea where the store will be located? I didn't see any mention of it on their website. Thanks,

                    Ron A.

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                      I guess that there is/was a Marsh's food store on Route 59? This is the location that Caputo's is moving into.