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Jul 21, 2006 05:20 PM

Summery Dessert ideas?

Thinking of desserts to make...What says "sunny summertime" to you?
For me, it's often Strawberry shortcake with clouds of fresh whipped cream. But I don't have time to make the shortcake. Any ideas for other desserts?

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  1. Sorbet! If you have any greenmarkets near you, you can use those fresh summer fruits and juices to make some sorbet!


    1. Pavlova feels like summer to me--not sure it's any faster than shortcake though...

      1. I'd make a fruit salad with berries, peaches, plums and whatever you've got. Toss with some sugar and lemon zest.

        Serve with some Greek yoghurt (or other kind) whipped up with some cream cheese (I use "light") mixed with some sugar and a bit of vanilla.

        If you have some crispy lemony cookies to serve alongside, all the better.

        1. I was floored when I first tried this.

          Sweet Red Beans(HABICHUELAS CON DULCE), traditionally served at Easter time in the Dominican Republic but I think it is great in the summer served chilled.

          INGREDIENTS Serves 10 people

          * 1 Lbs. Red beans (dried)
          * 1.25 Lbs. Granulated Sugar
          * 1 quart of 2% milk
          * 1/2 cans of Evaporated Milk
          * 1/2 cans of Coconut Milk
          * 2 oz. raisins
          * 7 oz. raw sweet potatoes, diced medium size
          * 1/2 oz. vanilla extract
          * 1/2 oz. cinnamon stick
          * 4 oz of butter at room temperature
          * 1/4 oz. salt

          1. Clean the beans and then blanch for 45 minutes in simmering water with some salt.
          2. Puree the beans with a little cooking liquid and then strain.
          4. Then add the 2% milk, carnation milk, sugar, cinnamon stick, and the vanilla extract.
          5. Stir well to combine and then add the bean puree, mix well to combine.
          6. Bring to a boil, reduce to a medium-high simmer and add the sweet potatoes and let it cook uncovered for about 20 minutes or until the potatoes are just "al dente".
          7. Add the coconut milk, raisins and butter, reduce the heat a bit to just a medium flame and continue to cook uncovered on a medium flame for about 30 minutes longer.
          8. Remove from heat and let the sauce cool for 15-20 minutes, covered. Remove the cover and let cool completely.
          9. May be served cold, chilled or warm.

          1. Raspberries or hulled and halved strawberries placed in a ramekin, topped with chilled Grand Marnier sabayon/zabaglione, run under the broiler until the sabayon begins to brown and served with a crisp, store-bought cookie.

            Some combination of strawberries, Pernod, black pepper and vanilla ice cream. Usually a ball of ice cream covered with sliced berries, doused with Pernod and sprinkled with coarsely ground black pepper. Or strawberries in a bowl, sprinkled with coarsely ground black pepper and topped with a mixture of Pernod, whipping cream and softened vanilla ice yogurt that's been briefly buzzed together in a blender or food processor.