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Jul 21, 2006 05:16 PM


My mother was in town for eight nights and we hit all the better known fine dining spots; so when a buddy of mine called and wanted to get a casual bite to eat I was just expecting a simple nothing special dinner as I had endulged in the finest with mom. What a pleasant surprise to ahave a wonderful tasteful experience and for the price of an appetizer at all the places I have frequented as of late. I know there havae been postings for Fresh Corn Grill which is on Westwood Blvd, but I have to add my two cents. I am a big proponant of small chef owned restaurants and this really fit the bill. We had a long conversation with chef owner Josh who really showed his passion. We told him we expect a lot from a place with corn in the title as we are both from Nebraska the cornhusker state. We found the food fresh creative and well spiced. The corn chowder was light andd flavorful and not filled with cream, The ceaser salad had a great dressing,and the bread I thought was outstanding. Josh says he uses the same dough for the pizza. I always love the saying the details make the difference and here the curry sauce for the salmon and the cajun sauce for the excellent chicken sandwhich made it special. I was so full,but I had to get a brownie to go. I ate it while watching the depressing news. I have a challenge to you fellow chohounds. Go try it and then tell me if you have had any better in L.A. It had a nice crunch on top and a wonderful gooey inside. Again, for me this place sets the standard for gourmet casual dining. Please give it a try.

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  1. I agree with your statement:

    .... I am a big proponant of small chef owned restaurants...

    Although bigger restaurants where the Husband/Wife Owners have the Husband as the Chef and the Wife running the rest of the restaurant (or visa-versa) can succeed as well: i.e., Matsuhisa, Knoll's Black Forest, ect. It's the personal touches and the interaction between the owners and thier customers that can produce a loyal and frequent clientel. Their customers do all their advertising for them (like you just did here).

    Their website:

    1. I had a corn chowder there and SO had the grilled chicken sandwich with cajun dressing. The sandwich was okay, not amazing, but perfectly decent. The chowder, however, was terrific. Really fresh corn!

      1. someone said there's some fleeting connection to the Ivy on Robertson do to the sweet corn soup that's also served there. any truth to it?

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          Yes. Josh the chef owner was at the Ivy.