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Jul 21, 2006 05:10 PM

NY Times Taco Road Trip Along California Coast [Moved from S.F.]

It ends in San Francisco so hopefully I won't get deleted.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've travelled the Highway One route Cindy Price reviewed many times. She found some places I want to try Next time. Still, she passed within a couple of minutes two real winners in tthe Monterey Peninsula area. Next time she should try Flor de Oxaca in Carmel (not a Carmel "cute" joint) and La Villa Taqueria in Seaside.

      1. Anyone on a taco excursion on Hwy 1 needs to take the 15 minute detour to Salinas!
        Gutierrez drive-in is a must, with legendary crispy carnitas. El Guero on Sanborn with it’s “carne en mole negro” is amazing. El Charrito market rocks. El Azteca Market also rocks (both on Market St.) Other good tacos can be found at Delicias on E. Alisal, Las Guacamayas on N. Main, and that is just the beginning.

        That poor New Yorker that passed Santa Cruz and ate at Vallarta instead of Morenos was not very well advised and didn’t do much research!

        1. LA to SF?!?!??? I guess SD doesn't rate on the NYT taco radar. Too bad. She missed all the taco places in Chula Vista not to mention the mother of all taco joints Mama Testsa

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            Yeah, What about us. San Diego tacos rock.

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              Unfortunately, she stopped in San Francisco. There's great tacos north of the Golden Gate too. All the way up Hwy. 101 to the Oregon state line.

            2. She missed the best "gringo" style taco at (what else?) the Taco Temple in Morro Bay.