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Jul 21, 2006 05:08 PM

Tao Cafe- no reviews since 2002?

A friend is taking me to his neighborhood Tao Cafe for vietnamese food tonight. Anybody been there in the last couple of years?
The old reviews do some comparisons with Slanted Door?
Any suggestions or ideas? Should I just have low expectations?

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  1. I've been there, and posted about it somewhat more recently than 2002, but it looks like the server ate my review. I thought the room was lovely -- especially great background music -- and the service and the food were both excellent. My only caveat is that I was with a native speaker of Vietnamese who knew the chef, so it's possible that not everyone gets quite the same treatment, but all the other tables seemed to be having a nice time too. As I recall, there was some kind of fish in claypot that was particularly delicious.

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      Here's your report from Nov, 2005 with more comments about Tao.

      While the search works 95 percent of the time, it has its quirks that I haven't totally figured out. Searching for everything under you own name might not result in everything.

      Sometimes reducing the search to a single word gets more results. If you search on Tao rather than Tao Cafe there are a few addtional mentions later than 2002.

      Still, the search is SOOOO much better than the old search and using Google. If I was lucky back then my hit ratio was fifty percent at best ... and the search argument wasn't highlighted in yellow ... love that.

      Champagne, hope you'll report back about your dinner tonight so we have a current report.

    2. We did takeout from there a month or two ago.
      I remember that the grilled pork was very good, and that the green papaya salad was not. I want to say it was just incredibly bland, moreso than if the dressing was just non-existant, but that it was sucked out of any and all flavor. I even tried putting dressig from bun on it and couldn't taste that either.
      The beef fresh spring rolls had us split down the middle. I thought they were great, but my companion gave them a big 'eh' (so I stole his portion).

      However, eating in would mean that you could try to do something to doctor that salad, I wan't at home with my own arsenal of condiments nor was I at the restaurant with thiers.