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Jul 21, 2006 04:26 PM

Best place in SF/East Bay for Belgian beer?

I've heard that Amnesia on Valencia has a good selection of Belgian beer, but fellow Belgian beer lovers, where would YOU go for a few Belgian ales?

In the San Francisco summer, nothing beats a good Tripel when the fog starts blasting over Twin Peaks, heading east.

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  1. I haven't been recently, but Khana Peena on Oxford St. in Berkeley used to have a decent selection of bottled Belgian beers - nothing on tap I'm afraid.

    1. I think Luka's Taproom in Oakland has the biggest selection in the East Bay. Seven or eight on tap plus a dozen or so in bottle.

      Nizza la Bella in Albany now has several Belgian beers on tap to complement the expanded pizza menu.

      1. haven't been in a few years, but is Fritz still around?

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          You must mean Frjtz - yes, see:

          Yes, it has Belgian Beers, but I don't know how many in comparison with others that have been posted here.

          1. re: annalou

            I found the Belgian beers at Frjtz to be not very good in terms of care and freshness. Soggy fries, too. But that was a year ago -- I will return to recalibrate.

          1. re: larochelle

            Definitely the largest selection in SF and possibly still the largest on the entire west coast. If you are just looking at what's currently available on the draft board, you are missing the whole bottle list. Most Belgians are only available via bottle, and I believe that is true in Belgium as well as here.

          2. I think that someone on this board said Ledger's Liquors at Acton and University in Berkeley had a large selection. It's across the street from both Fellini and Bread Workshop and Andronico's.

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              Try Bo's BBQ in Lafayette. Good selection of Belgian Beer, and, the best BBQ around.