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Jul 21, 2006 04:15 PM

Best Vietnamese in Manhattan?

Where to go? I've tried many places in Manhattan,
and I've had some nice meals, but nothing on the
level of my trips to Hanoi... I've had a couple of
excellent dishes, but have yet to find a place that
I can fully endorse. curious if I'm missing a spot?

Nha Trang (Baxter)
Bao Noodles (2nd Ave)
Hoi An (west b'way)
Le Colonial (57th)
Pho Viet Huong (Mulberry)
Indochine (Lafayette)

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  1. I'm partial to New Pasteur for no frills ultra cheap solid Vietnamese. Bao 111 is also good for chichified modern Vietnamese.

    If somebody says Saigon Grill I will throw up.

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    1. re: jeanki

      Though Saigon Grill is clearly not Hanoi quality, nor even as good as some of the places mentioned above, it is some of the better Vietnamese that can be obtained outside of Chinatown in Manhattan.

      Also, select dishes, Goi Du Du (Green Papaya Salad) being one of them, are prepared quite authentically and quite well.

    2. The only one on your list that I've been to is Bao Noodles. I've always found the food to be well-prepared and very tasty. Never having been to Viet Nam, I can't judge personally how authentic the food is. However, acc. to the restaurant's website, the owner was born in Saigon and his mother, who owned a restaurant in Saigon, serves as his consultant regarding the menu.

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      1. re: RGR

        I've been there several times and liked it every time. The last time would have been several months ago (perhaps as long ago as January 2006).

      2. You are not going to find Hanoi quality in NY (or even CA). Though, I really do not understand why. I've been going to Pho Tu Do and Pho Grand (based on their pho).

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        1. re: devil

          Yea this is a mystery to me as well. I used to live in Houston and the Vietmanese community there is pretty big. The food was so amazing. Huge plates of lettuce, tons of mint and basil piled high. Here you would be lucky to get lettuce with the spring rolls.

        2. The beef and chicken you'll normally get in Vietnam is far inferior to what you'll get in a U.S. Vietnamese restaurant. Seafood in Vietnam is wonderful.

          I don't know any Hanoi-style places in NY. In fact, I guess most are probably Cholon-style, since most seem to be run by ethnic Chinese.

          Bodega Bistro in S.F. is Hanoi-style.

          1. i love pho grand, though i have no idea how it compares to what you'd get in hanoi.