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Jul 21, 2006 04:05 PM

Lovely dinner last night at B&G with my 6-year-old

My 6-year-old daughter and I go out to dinner fairly frequently. We've been to ECG so often lately that we are on a first name basis with virtually everyone in the front of the house. Last night, we were going to the Animal Rescue League, on Tremont Street, to look for a kitten, so I decided to introduce her to B&G afterwards. We had a wondeful time.

After scoring a great parking spot on Tremont Street near Francesca's (where I knew Rebecca would want to get dessert after dinner) we walked over to B&G and I was thrilled to find that at a little after 7:00 there was no wait for a table and we had our choice of eating inside or out. Rebecca chose a table on the lovely outdoor patio. She ordered the clam chowder, the lobster roll and a glass of milk. I ordered the fried goat cheese and hearts of palm salad, a special of scallops with gnocchi and mushrooms, and a glass of a lovely white Rioja.

The food was great, as always. Rebecca did not love the chowder (she prefers Legal's), but I enjoyed it, and Rebecca had plenty to eat with her lobster roll and fries. My scallops were wonderful -- among the best I've ever had. Most importantly, the service was great: bringing a 6-year-old to this very adult restaurant was not an issue at all.

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  1. I wish I were your daughter!

    And I'm not even female!

    1. LOL. I was going to say the same thing :-)

      1. LOL - what did Rebecca not love about the chowder? Did she comment on the consistency and clam:potato ratio? That's adorable!

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        1. re: missykins

          Actually, the one precocious thing she did was to stop our waitress and ask, while pointed to a potted plant on top of the wall, "Is that rosemary?" It was!

        2. Nice story.

          2 of our 3 "kids" are alumni of the Animal Rescue League.

          I still stop in on SE bike rides, then hit SE Formaggio, Charlie's for turkey hash, B & G or Speeds.(to keep this food related)