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Jul 21, 2006 03:58 PM

There's No Place Like Home on Hillhurst, Los Feliz

I just stumbled on to their website. What's the scoop on this place? Is this a decent place to have a casual lunch date?

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  1. They have decent salads and sandwiches here. Not really a destination place for food, but a very pleasant place to sit outside and spend the afternoon.

    1. Service suffers fom the Silverlake/Los Feliz curse (aka "Fred Eric Syndrome") i.e., not just inexplicably slow and apathetic, but to the point of humor.

      1. the space is cute but the food is barely average. i went with 3 others, and we ordered 5 plates of food- omelette, nachos, mac and cheese, club sandwich, and something else...and we were all disappointed. save yourself and go to alcove.

        1. ghastly. i had the worst salmon salad of my life there - salmon so ossified and overcooked, i couldn't even cut it with a KNIFE. even their fries are terrible.

          1. As I've posted before, we only use it for take out. I think the fries (they're crinkle deals) are indeed perhaps the worst on the planet. A side of fruit is available with all sandwiches though and it is always very fresh and generous. The coleslaw is also edible. I usually enjoy one of the sandwiches--curried chicken is good, on passable sour dough bread. The salads are pretty decent-I didn't like the Mexican salad and have never tried the salmon but the others are fine. The vegetarian here at the office swears by the veggie wrap. The hamburgers are generous and medium rare as requested, if not earth shattering. The delivery service is terrific--very quick, few errors and good packaging. I'm pretty sure the ownership has changed and while there is nothing extraordinary, for work-a-day delivery, Home does a very nice job.