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Donut Man peach donut update

I just called this morning (Friday, July 21) and was informed by the owner that peach season this year will be late and short. He said he hasn't been able to make them yet. (Which is odd, because I swore someone posted very recently that they had peach donuts...)

He is hoping for next week, but said to keep calling to make sure.

I'm just glad I haven't missed the entire season yet!

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  1. Thanks for the update -

    It twas I who posted info about Donut Man -
    I'm sure there is some other reason for this delay. Peaches have been around for weeks now. And, really yummy ones too.

    I was going to my brother pick some up on Sunday!!

    1. thanks... and do they still have strawberry? i have yet to go this summer and it's time for an excursion...

      1. how about some persian mulberry donuts too that would awesome, although each donut would probably cost around 4 to 5 dollars.

        so are the strawberry donuts still around and how much do they cost currently?

        anyone have an address too? if i'm not mistaken it's on route 66???

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          Here you go Donut man in Glendora:


          It's a TOTAL Shelp from L.A. and they are the BEST when you get them in the morning. Lucky for me, my parents live fairly nearby so that is how I've been able to justify my donut trek there...


          1. re: kevin

            The strawberry donuts are done for the year. I don't know what sort of problem they're having with their peach supplier, as there have been some good peaches available recently.

          2. Does anyone have a picture of one of their donuts, I'm dying to see what these puppies look like!

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            1. re: davinagr

              Here's a pic of the strawberry donut I found online. Both are tasty donuts but on the sweet side with the donut and glazed fruit combo.


              1. re: petradish

                Dats' my baby.... The Apple one looks just like that, but with Apple Pie Fulling inside... Hmmm...


                1. re: petradish

                  OMG I'm drooling....bad Davina...bad girl...

              2. I must say, having gone to school done the street from Donut Man...the best time to eat is around 2-4am when they come out fresh from the oven. And, they taste best with their OJ. One more thing, the cinammon donuts or tiger tails are the best (if you can't get peach)!!!

                1. I live less than one mile from Donut Man, and I'm there all the time.

                  The strawberry donuts were made already this year - and are already out of season, alas. It was a short season this year, due to the early heat, so we've been suffering without. Jim (the owner) is picky about his berries. If they're not good berries, he won't make donuts out of them.

                  According to the gal behind the counter as of the day before yesterday, peach donuts should start at the end of next week (around the 4th of August or thereabouts). She said, however, to give a call before coming by to make certain that they've started making 'em -- it all depends on whether Jim likes the peaches he sees when he goes out shopping or not. If he's still not happy with them, they won't make them until he is. :)

                  1. Oh -- one more note: the way to tell whether they've got the peach or strawberry donuts "in" right then is to look at the side windows. If they're painted, the donuts are ready to be bought! You can just cruise down the street and look at the place and know whether it's time yet or not. :)

                    1. Thanks for the detective work! I fear they were going to block my phone calls soon because I was checking in almost daily!

                      1. I made the drive tonight for Peach Donuts and MAN was it worth it! Gorgeous flavor, not too much glaze. I am so excited!
                        About a donut? Well...why not...

                        1. Hi,

                          We were there yesterday morning and the peach donuts are now available. We bought some, yum! Enjoy!

                          1. Hello all,
                            It's 9/3/06 and I have been calling
                            Donut Man via telephone many times in the last 24 hours just to make sure that they are open and have fresh fruit donuts before I make my 70 mile trek.
                            They do not answer the phone no matter when I call.
                            I am calling 626-335-9111
                            All the phone does is ring and ring.
                            Does anyone know if they are open?
                            I have never been there before and I want to go so badly!
                            Thanks for your help.

                            1. They are supposed to be 24 hours, but the one time I kept calling and nobody answered, I learned the hard way that they were actually closed. (yes, I just assumed they were "too busy" to answer the phone and I drove all the way out there!)

                              If they aren't answering, they aren't there. That's what I found out on my next trip.


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                              1. re: annalulu

                                Hi annalulu,
                                Thank you so much for your reply!
                                You saved me a very long drive which would have cost me time and gasoline.
                                I was going to drive there this morning just figuring that they were too busy to answer the phone.
                                I have now been calling continually throughout Labor Day weekend and I'm still not getting an answer.
                                I guess they are on vacation.
                                Maybe someday eventually I'll get to try the donuts!
                                Thanks again for your help.

                                1. re: jamiefox

                                  I've been calling too and there's no answer. My boyfriend was willing to drive while I read. But I won't go if they don't pick up the phone.

                                  So: what can I make do with donut-wise RIGHT NOW? I didn't urgently need a three or four donuts until I read these posts. Someone have mercy and tell me where I can to.

                              2. My husband picked up the peach donuts the other day. I posted about them under "Donut Man Peach Donuts".

                                1. Hi all,
                                  I called Donut Man and as of
                                  Sept. 20, 2006 they no longer have peach donuts or any fresh fruit donuts.
                                  They said that they will have strawberry donuts in February.
                                  I really want the fresh fruit donuts as I have never been to Donut Man and I don't want to make the long drive until they have fresh fruit donuts.
                                  I have struck out every time that I have called.
                                  I am beginning to wonder if I will ever try their fruit donuts!
                                  This is so frustrating!