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Jul 21, 2006 03:51 PM

DiFara and Olympic Pita

Had a day of fine outer borough chowing yesterday. Started with lunch at DiFara where I got a plain square slice, round artichoke slice, and a plain round slice. The deliciously oily, cheesy, saucy square continues to reign supreme, imo, but the artichoke slice was tasty as usual, too. The latter was so overloaded with sauteed artichokes that I added a few to the former with delicious but super-oily results. Dom was in fine form, turning out pie after pie of edible art in red, white, and green -- simply beautiful to watch. Afterwards, I headed over to Olympic Pita, which is only a few blocks away, to grab a falafel sandwich on lafa bread for later. If you're a fan of falafel and/or shwarma, I can't recommend Olympic highly enough. They wrap a ton of falafel balls, hummus, and your choice of many different salads in what ends up eating like a middle-eastern burrito -- just awesome.

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  1. DiFara's plain cheese square slice is the best pizza I've ever inhaled.

    1. Does Olympic Pita have an all-you-can-stuff falafel bar -- like they do in Famous Pita near Foster?

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        1. re: babar ganesh

          Confirmed -- and it's cleaner and nicer than Famous Pita, as I recall.