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Jul 21, 2006 03:35 PM

Birthday Dinner at Tao- what to order and where to drink before/after?

Hello, We're going to Tao for my boyfriend's birthday because he's always wanted to try it out. Are there any "must have" dishes? I've been looking at the menu online and it's so big I'm not sure what to get. There will be 8 of us so we'll be able to order a lot. Four of us will eat just about anything, 2 are pescatarians and 2 are a little less adventurous (Parents-only cooked food). What do you guys suggest? We're also looking for a place for drinks nearby before and after. We are going on Sunday night- does anyone have ideas for a fun place? Thanks for any help!

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  1. The only thing that really blew me away on Tao's menu was the eggplant side dish (the name of which I forget). It was spicy and delicious.

    1. Tao isn't really a 'food' place. Its a scene. I've found the food to be mediocre at best.

      You can have drinks at Nikki Beach afterwards I suppose.

      1. I actually really liked the Thai Boullabaisse dish (i dont remember if thats what its called, it had seafood in a really nice delicate yet unusual broth). But yeah overall Tao's food is adequate Asian fusion but nothing mindblowing.

        1. I'm a little sad to hear these unfavorable reviews. I really wanted this to be special and good food is a neccessity. What do you guys think about Japonais? I know it just opened but do you think it would be a better choice? It gets great reviews in Chicago

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            I don't think it's as bad as you might imagine, although Tao really *is* a scene. I've tried both the Peking duck and lobster there and enjoyed it.... although you know the old chowish saying-- FTBWSEIP ;)

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              The food at Tao is actually better than fine. I've only been there at lunch, and they have a great lunch special: 3 courses for $24.07. I've had the steak which has always been prepared perfectly. They have a delicious house salad as well. Since Tao is known as a "scene", you might be fine having your drinks in their lounge area which is quite large.

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                If "good food" is truly "a neccessity," Tao is not your place. In general there are very few good Asian Fusion restaurants. It's hard to do multiple cuisines well. I would recommend choosing an Asian cuisine (Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese) and finding a restaurant that specialized in that. You're almost always destined to get a better meal.