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Jul 21, 2006 03:25 PM

Spare the Air Day in Bay Area - What would you hop on and where would you go for lunch?

I work in the Financial District. With free transportation today, I'm itching to get out at lunch for an excursion and food experience. Where would you go?

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  1. there are great taquerias around 16th and mission, and 24th and mission. everyone's got a favorite, so i'd suggest searching the boards for la taqueria and la corneta and taqueria cancun, etc.

    i really like el papalote, though admittedly it is not the most traditional. you'll find it at 16th and valencia, a block up from bart. there's also a pupuseria around there somewhere. and ritual coffee is fantastic.

    16th and mission will also get you to ti couz (crepes).

    1. Last night we did! We took the bus + streetcar to San Tung at 10th and Irving. I'll post a report later.

      1. Why not get the best bang for your free buck and hop BART to the East Bay? There's tons of great places in Oakland's Chinatown. Or you could get off at Fruitvale have some tasty Mexican food and a Powderface beignat for dessert!

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          BART is free, too. I hadn't thought of that. There IS free transit beyond Muni. Thanks for the tip. Oh, and I heard that CalTrans is also free on STA days. I could have gone even farther!

        2. does this include ferries? if so, i would hop over to sausalito and eat at fish which is a wonderful way to eat sustainably fished fish in a variety of ways in a stunning setting. if you can manage to get that much time off of work (for the rides) go go go!

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          1. re: Doodleboomer

            It includes ferries, but that would mean a 3-4 hour lunch break. Plus on free days the ferries tend to be overloaded and behind schedule.

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              But it would be a great idea for dinner on a gorgeous day like today!

          2. Hop on the F line and head up to Delessio at Market & Valencia for a sandwich or load up a plate from the cold salad bar. Sit out on the outdoor patio under an umbrella with a magazine. Enjoy.