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Jul 21, 2006 02:43 PM

Thank You Rabidog

For reccomending the spicy noodles at Thai Pepper!
I had always been such a doubter of this place. I hadn't been since I was a little girl and considered it to be a hack attempt at authentic thai.
I ordered your favorite with tofu instead of chicken and it was truly delicious. A little spicier than I am used to, but everything about this dish was wonderful - the sauce, the tofu. the vegetables - great.
Only issues were that service was a bit absent and it smelled like cat pee. Not the dish, but the restaurant. At first it was a bit of a turnoff but when the dish arrived, all was forgotten.

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  1. you're very welcome!!

    "your favorite with tofu instead of chicken" : that is exactly how i order it!!! i seriously love their tofu there.

    on a tofu note, the peanut sauce that comes with the fried tofu triangles is to die for.

    and when my dad comes up to phila to visit and we eat here, he orders the lemongrass soup and i order the coconut (tom kha gai). carefully and discreetly, we simutaneously ladel half of our respective soups into the other's bowl to make two bowls of a spicy lemongrass / coconut mix. a bit indecent, but it's delicious. oh, and i've asked; but they won't make it for me that way back in the kitchen. ;)

    P.S. i suspect that smell might come from the fountain in the enteranceway? either way, i think they carry sauvignon blanc by the glass (haven't checked the wine menu in a few months as i'm usually a lunch patron)... so you can fool your olfactory system with the scent of the wine. ;)