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Jul 21, 2006 02:32 PM

One Dinner in Seattle with Parents and In-Laws

My husband and I are food lovers from the DC area and typically would steer towards fun and adventurous eating experiences, BUT during our very quick upcoming trip to Seattle with both sets of our parents we are looking for something with really good food and an excellent wine list, but a menu that will appeal to everyone, and has a good laid back not-too-pretentious attitude, but with great service. We currently have reservations at Wild Harvest, but since we only have shot at doing a dinner in Seattle, we want it to be good.

As a side note, we will have a car so we are not bound by staying downtown...and we will be going to Salumi for lunch. We have enjoyed Mario Batali's work in NYC so visiting Salumi was non-negotiable.

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  1. JPin, If you mean you have reservations at Harvest Vine, you can't go wrong. Their Tapas menu will allow you party to be as cautious or adventerous as they want. (And you'll all get to share tastes which makes dining there memorable.)The food borders on incredible. Trust your wait person on the wine list recommendations unless you are very familiar with Spanish wines. I suggest taking a cab to Salumi as parking around the restaurant is almost non-existent. I think you will have trouble getting 6 people in at lunch time, so you may want to go later, about 1:30. If they offer the pork cheek sandwich, don't miss it.

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      Yes Harvest Vine...sorry I am a moron before coffee.

    2. JP, Just be aware that Salumi is nothing like the Batali restaurants in NYC, much more rustic/casual/homestyle, so just don't expect anything like Babbo, Lupa, Esca etc.

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        YES YES YES!!! That is the best part. We don't care about the atmosphere usually...we are there for the meats. And the parents will just have to go with the flow. I have heard repeatedly that the pork cheek is a must get.

      2. hope you enjoy! if you are a pork cheek fan, you can usually get braised pork cheeks at the bar at Union for $8 (5-7pm) as well as beef carpaccio, lamb tongue (have not tried this one) etc.

        1. JP, you've made a great choice. Harvest Vine would be my pick. One caveat, though: It can get really warm on a hot day, so if your in-laws (like mine) can't handle the heat, you might want to have a fallback. I second Barleywino's recommendation of Union, and I'll add Dahlia Lounge, just because I feel like I have to. I've had both spectacular and awful meals there, but it's a Northwest flagship and a great place to sample Tom Douglas's food.

          1. I second the Dahlia Lounge choice. I took my 85 year old mother there last night. It is unpretentious, excellent service, and the food is excellent in taste and presentation.