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Jul 21, 2006 02:22 PM

PDX - restaurants that do/not have Air Conditioning...

Okay, it's gonna be hot and I have no inclination to cook.
What PDX restaurants do/not have AC???

Personally, I'm more interested in eastside restaurants (that serve ICE COLD beer...).

Does Kennedy School have AC?
Amnesia Brewing?
Places on 28th/Burnside?
Places on Alberta?

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  1. sounds like you are in N but the Hawthorne Fish + Chips shop has such powerful AC that you will want to bring a sweater. Widmer Hefeweizen on tap too.

    Taqueria Nueve has AC. Not sure about Navarre. Now you've got me thinking where to have supper.

    1. Ate at Tabla last night. Good food, very hot. Bathroom was cool though, so there was air conditioning, but with that many people, that temperature, and a hot oven/stove, it never felt cool, not even for a second. We kept blowing out our candle just to try to keep cooler.
      Did you find any place nice and cold, for future reference?

      1. Kennedy School definitely has A/C, and serves ice cold beer

        1. I patronized Tacqueria Nueve and Laurelwood this weekend.

          Tacqueria Nueve had AC but was not powerful enough to be deemed as COOL.
          Laurelwood was a little bit cooler than Nueve but still on the warm side...

          1. went to Barley Mill the other night. The "Grateful Dead" mcmenamins. Not exactly Chowhound material, but dependable and decent. Good Kolsch, too. A/C was subtle but effective. A decent break from the day's heat.

            Last night, not really a hot one, but we enjoyed the patio seating at Apizza Scholls for the first time. My appreciation for that place grows with each visit.