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Jul 21, 2006 01:56 PM

Pizza in Bensonhurst?

Anyone know where are some good places to get pizza in Bensonhurst?

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  1. You can't go wrong with L&B Spumoni Gardens: 86th street between West 10th and 11th, which I'm sure has been talked up on these boards before. They specialize in the square sicilian slice...

    Europa used to be a fantastic bakery and they've expanded to include food-- I haven't tried the pizza, but the gelato is worth a trip on its own: 6421 20th Avenue. Anyone tried the pizza there? I have an inkling that you won't be disappointed, but...

    Also, along 18th Avenue, between around 70th and 80th streets are a couple of other little pizza places, in case you feel like setting out on your own and having a taste test. Cafe Italia is a great stop along the way for killer espresso & a cannoli.

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      What is the name of the famous italian ice place near L&B Spumoni gardens? I have not tried either place but keep meaning to make a pilgrimage.

      1. re: gnosh

        L&B IS the "famous ice place". Thats what the "Spumoni" means. Actually they call it spumoni but it is really Italian Ices or gelato depending on how stringent you are with names. Whatever you want to call it, it is "da bomb"!!! The thing to get is the rainbow which has a swirl of different flavors that work well together. In the weather we've been having it would certainly hit the spot.