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Jul 21, 2006 01:25 PM

Any Recommendations for Casual Restaurants Along or Near the Ocean in Marshfield or Duxbury?

I am thinking of heading down to the Marshfield/Duxbury area Saturday evening. I know of some restaurants in Scituate, Hanover, and Pembroke, but rarely get down to Marshfield or Duxbury. Any ideas for a good restaurant that is casual and reasonable? Any cuisine will do, though I'd lean toward seafood or American cuisine.

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  1. Well, this place isn't actually a restaurant, but I have to mention it because it's awesome. It's on 139 in Marshfield, called Gerard Farms. They roast turkeys and chickens on the premises and they make a variety of sides from scratch too: marinated mushrooms, coleslaw, potato salad, biscuits, the list goes on and on. They've also got baby back ribs that are really, really good. It's basically a takeout joint, you pick what you want from the counter and pay at the register. There are, however, some picnic tables outside that you can eat at. On weekends, we stop there on the way to the beach (along with the rest of the south shore, it seems) to pick up their "thanksgiving sandwiches" --hand carved turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce. Really good.

    There's also a frozen food section in the back that is basically all home cooked, prepared foods --chicken and turkey pot pies, chicken parm, lasagnas, the list goes on and on. If I lived anywhere near here I'd be a frequent visitor.

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      Gerard Farms looks great! I just looked at it online. Unfortunately, it's only open until 6:00, and I don't see us eating until 6:30-7:30. I'll have to check it out sometime, though. Thanks!

    2. In Duxbury Center is
      Far-Far's Danish Ice Cream Shop
      272 Saint George Street
      I haven't been in years, but this was "the" place to go back in the day for homemade ice cream.

      FWIW, I really like this Thai restaurant in Hanover. I've had some dishes there that I've not seen elsewhere (not that I'm some big expert, but a girl likes to eat.) I've especially enjoyed their curries and they often have Thai pasta dishes as specials that can be quite tasty.

      Siam Cuisine
      Address: 370 Columbia Rd, Hanover, MA 02339
      Phone: (781) 826-1115

      1. I always liked:

        The Lobster Tale in Marshfield. Not Haute cuisine, not every dish a winner, but pretty darned good.

        The Lobster Tale
        278 Ocean Street
        Marshfield, MA
        (781) 834-3333
        Their moto is: "We have fresh fish or no fish."

        Here is an old post I made:

        I have now had several excellent meals in the Brant's Rock area of Marshfield.

        The Lobster Tale
        278 Ocean Street
        Marshfield, MA
        (781) 834-3333
        Their moto is: "We have fresh fish or no fish."

        Is really excellent.

        Tried to get my buddies to go for the fried clams, but they went with Calamari instead. Bums. The calamari was as good as I have ever had.

        I had the Swordfish (a bit politically incorrect these days.) I asked if any of the fish was particularly good and the waitress said that a friend of hers had caught the swordfish yesterday.

        It was a remarkable clean delicate sweet piece of fish. Perhaps the best piece of sword I ever ate and a large portion.

        Another buddy had Lobster and sword in a light butter sauce over pasta. Swear there was a whole lobster in there and lots of sword.

        The other buddy had salmon which was also done perfectly.

        Another dish I have had there that was very good was cherry stone clams with swiss chard over pasta.

        They also do smelts either broiled or fried that are very good.

        Their fish and chips are also very good and they do sweet potato fries that I want to try.

        Have not had the classics: chowder, fried clams, or lobster.

        P.S. there is also a really nice bay beach right nearby!

        1. StriperGuy, that's exactly the type of place I'm looking for. I've been on a calamari kick of late (Louie's in Raynham--excellent--and Dock and Dine in Old Saybrook--very good), so I think I know what I'll be getting if we end up going there.

          Thanks very much!

          1. If you use Route 3 to get to the Marshfield exit on route 139, you will be right next to the best Barbequed Pork Ribs,this side of Blue Ribbon. Bendle-Beans BB-Q and Burrito Parlor, 6 Riverside Dr. Pembroke,(In the little strip mall to the left of Lowes)Areopen till 7, 9, and 10pm, depending on the day. Everything on their munu can be made to go, and the beches are all a short drive away. Other than the seafood restaurants, in the area, no one else comes close.