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Jul 21, 2006 01:09 PM


Will be spending some time in Bellagio in Sept. Love to hear about your favorites in the area. Thanks.

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  1. I loved Bilacus, casual but really good fish and pastas. My favorite garden is Villa Serbolloni (it is not part of the hotel). I have been to Lake Como a couple times and will return in a month or so. I wrote a couple articles on Lake Como for my newsletter, so feel free to check it out at or email me any further questions. Enjoy...Ed

    1. Hi,

      We have an apartment on Lake Como in Varenna and eat out quite frequently. One of the best restaurants is the "Hotel Milano" in Varenna up one of the ancient cobbled streets, overlooking the Lake. Great personality, good intimate service, excellent food and local wines. Varenna is only a 10 minute trip by ferry to Varenna, but check the ferry times. They can be found at

      1. If you do a search on this board for Bellagio, you should find some threads that will help you.