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Jul 21, 2006 11:44 AM

Sapodilla on Smith

I liked your food in Fort Greene, assuming you are the same restaurant.

So you move to Smith Street. You open your doors.
Your place has little light, kinda like walking into a cave.
There is NO sign outside with your name.
You have a BAM poster scotch taped to the window. You have your menus scotch taped to the windows. You have a big plastic square " We are open" sign kinda like the ones you can get at a hardware store.

Assuming you are paying a truckload of rent, you best be careful.
Don't suffer from " Rosemary Room syndrome".
Make your restaurant appealing to walk into or you'll be closed by Christmas.

I already know your chow is good but I wouldn't walk into your place on Smith even if the meal was free.

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  1. Just read your post because I was curious about this place and had a great laugh, thank you. EVERY time I walk by the place is empty! They've somehow made it past Christmas...but how much longer?

    1. They do have a sign now and look a bit better but no lights...I've yet to brave a walk in there. And I LOVE to brave new places. Hell, I braved Vivir. And now its gone!

      1. I was just thinking the same thing. I have been there a few times - good food (last time the food didnt seem freshly prepared - suspect microwaved jerk wings). I prefer this place to Brawta on Atlantic. There IS a sign for Sapodilla, but you cant' really see it (smallish brown/black lettering on wood). The times I have been there, I have been either the only table there, or one of 2 tables. I dont know why they dont make more of an effort to let people know that hey we're a restaurant! Come in! I feel bad bc the owners seem friendly enough (or at least the people I believe to be the owners). The waitress who is always there is very sombre - a few times I have wondered if I did something to offend her. I dont know what the problem is, if mediocre restaurants such as Bombay Dreams can be packed on a Saturday night, this place should be able to attract more than 1 customer. Save Sapodilla :). If you DO go there, I recommend the south american fish cakes (very meaty - less filler). aaand they have a bar!

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        1. re: BoerumHill

          Like I said, I se the new sign. My original post was from July.

          Its also odd that they post drink specials on a huge chalkboard but no food. Just a little teeny tiny menu in the menu...

          Somber waitress? Bummer.

          One time my wife and I looked in there almost ready to walk in. The dude at the bar looked at me like he didn't want me to come in. It was kinda weird.

        2. ooh i missed that. I just skimmed the other posts.

          1. what kind of food generlaly do they serve there? im on court but i frequent smith restaurants and have yet to brave sapodilla.