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Name Change: Bharat Bazaar is now Samosa House

As I was driving up Washington in Culver City there was a newly painted sign on the building calling itself Samosa house. A few weeks ago I noticed the old Bharat sign was broken in the parking lot. I thought they were just going to replace that sign but I guess they decided on a name change. I think they are repositioning them selves a little bit with more emphasis on the prepared food they produce and the cafe they have. A word about their samosas while they are premade they are cooked fresh to order and devine. so go and get one or five.

Samosa House [formerly Bharat Bazaar]
11510 West Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

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  1. Thanks, Mattapoisett, for reminding me about this place. Has the store changed over the past year or so?

    We were there more than a year ago, and they do carry some very interesting items. Is it different now and worth returning for another visit?

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      It went through a renevation but I am not sure how long ago. The food is great the the selection of Indian Groceries is fantastic. it is one of my favorite Indian places in LA If I wansn't such a fan of Chicken Saagwala it would be my favorite. Go Check it out and report back and don't forget to have their fab Mango Lassie!

      Take care

      - P.

    2. Definitely worth a return visit. New owners, much better groceries and produce, and terrific food. I go there about once a week and I am never disappointed.

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        P and banjoboy -- thanks for the encouragement. We pass through that area quite frequently and now we will stop in again!

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          New owners since when? I've always loved this place.

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            No matter how good it WAS, the new owner that I spoke with was very friendly, helpful and patient with all my inquiries. I encourage you to give it a current visit!

        2. Bharat was excellent.

          If the quality is maintained, this is a must try for anyone.

          1. Mattapoisett, and everyone else here that confirmed the value of this find -- Thanks!

            We stopped by this now Samosa House Market this past weekend, and it is the cleanest Eastern market I have ever been in. There are no open grain bags pouring out onto one another. There are no dark corners with unidentified items squished together! Everything is neatly shelved on wire racks, and everything is accessible and organized.

            I spoke briefly with one of the owners, and she said that they were not done! She was very proud of her shop (I love to see this passion!). I asked her about some of her products and she was extremely helpful and patient with my questions.

            Their spice selection is wonderful because they have both the huge containers AND the little dollar or two-dollar jars. There were many spices that I never had seen. We bought some ground pomegranite seeds...great flavor but very fibrous. I put them in my yogurt, but I think they will be better cooked into something...perhaps an Eastern yogurt-based dish. I also bought some Zergut Acacia honey, and it is soooo delicious!

            While we were there, almost ready to leave, a customer let out an amazingly loud "oh-my-goodness!" She had just tried one of their pistachio ice cream bars. Next time...

            1. So pleased that you enjoyed it, Liu.

              It is, indeed, the cleanest Indian grocery I've ever been to (in Los Angeles or otherwise). The owners are Jain, and cleanliness is an important aspect of the religion.

              Next time, buy some of their homemade green chutney to take home. It's delicious.

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                Does that mean the cooking is Jain? Some of the hardcore Jain food I had in India was great and some, not so much.

              2. Banjoboy -- green chutney, huh? Is it on the shelves or in the food case? I can't wait to try it. My suggestion to you is to try one of their frozen bars in the portable cold case by the cash register. Also, they had a hot dish of spinach and corn that looked pretty fine. Have you tried that?

                Please let me know more about which green chutney, and I am looking forward to my next visit soon!

                1. Just had to check in on the old Bharat Bazaar after hearing hounds mention new owners. I asked the fetching young dude (whom I recognized from the past year or so) what happened to the older lady who used to run the place. No worries, she's his auntie and still comes in. Whew.

                  Food was about the same as before--pleasant, if not as funked out at India S&S on Venice Blvd, but hot/spiced/sour enough to keep things interesting on my styrofoam plate. I ordered one of the daily specials, $5.99 (saffron rice, sag paneer, potatoes, cauliflower, etc.), some fried savories (liked the seedy ones best) and a few rich sweets. It was all pretty good except the "roti" tasted like commercial whole wheat tortillas from the grocery store.

                  Next time I'll save room for the mango lassi and ice cream.


                  1. I dropped by yesterday afternoon to get some ground millet and whole wheat (durum) flour and discovered the new paint job and new name on the outside of what used to be Bharat Bazaar. They have expanded and taken over (11512 W Washington Blvd) what was for a while a casket showroom, added some tables for two and four, and now have a full time kitchen where they prepare lunch and dinner.

                    As I was paying for my purchases the very friendly lady at the counter asked if I would like a taste of the food in the case. She offered a taste of four dishes: dal, chickpeas, paneer, and a spinach dish on a little basmati rice. It was wonderful! Nicely spiced, each different, and the paneer is well drained and of a stiff texture, not the silky smooth tofu-like variety that is served some places. This is a great find.

                    I went back later and got some dal and the chickpeas as takeout for dinner. Terrific, $12 feeds 4. Definitely a place to try again as it evolves. And as somebody said upthread, a very good selection of spices, rice, dal, and flours. It looks like they have the entire Rani catalog in stock.


                    1. Thank you, very much for this recommendation. I didn't know this place existed and this after living within ten miles of it for years. I stopped by for groceries and will return to try the food which looked wonderful. The lady was indeed very friendly although she was disappointed I couldn't converse with her in Hindi.

                      1. if they are serving it, be sure to get a serving of their jackfruit.

                        1. Just went there yesterday for lunch was was happy to see the place JUMPING... I had the Cauliflower and the TVP in yogurt sauce... And a Mango Lassi... I sware, they are the BEST down home comfort indian food in the area at any price... :)