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Jul 21, 2006 08:32 AM

Korean BBQ in LA

For years i have been going to Cho Dang in Torrance and I definitely love their tofu soups and their beef bul gogi, but they lack a selection of other korean style meats. Any reccomendations in LA for a carnivore on the prowl for some great BBQ meats?

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  1. If you can stand smelling like a forest fire when you come out, go to Soot Bull Jeep in Koreatown. If you can't deal with that, Chosun Galbi on Olympic is also a good (but more upscale) experience. And if you want tofu soup, the places to go are directly across Olympic from each other at New Hampshire (one block west of Vermont): Beverly Soon Tofu and Sokongdong.

    If you prefer Orange County, Sagan on Beach Blvd. in Buena Park (across from Mid-Evil Times) has excellent BBQ.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      The kalbe at Beverly Soon Tofu is also very good. However, the soon doobu is the star. The broth is more flavorful and richer than any other version I've had to date.

      Take a pass on Soot Bull Jeep. It's dirty which usually equates to excellent food but unfortunately, the BBQ is just average.

      1. re: Porthos

        I disagree about the BBQ at SBJ -- I've found it to be very, very good, and the charcoal makes it taste so much better.

        We like the squid at Beverly Soon Tofu, as well as the kalbi -- we normally go with four people and get four different dishes to share, and each get our own soon dubu. You can take a miss on the daeji (pork) bulgogi, though -- it's mushy.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          I agree that all korean BBQ should be done over charcoal or wood. But the meat at SBJ wasn't beautifully marbled and not really all that impressive flavorwise. I wouldn't say it's any better than other solid korean BBQ places.

          Though it was hotter than you know what, I still decided to go to Beverly Soon Tofu on Saturday with my sister. We both got the hot soon doobu which was excellent but it was definitely toned down from my previous visit (on my last visit, the medium had me huffing and puffing)...maybe because of the weather? I stuck with the kalbe for my combo and loved it. I keep wanting to try the rice medley but I can't say no to their kalbe.

          I think even the kalbe at Beverly Soon Tofu is better than the kalbe at SBJ. Thick, meaty cuts with minimal fat, slightly sweet, and very flavorful.

        2. re: Porthos

          I also couldn't disagree more about Soot Bull Jeep. The spicy pork is fantastic. I love the atmosphere a well but you certainly want to change clothing afterwards.

      2. I can't stand smelling like a burnt forest so I just opt for Chosun Galbi. The meat is soo much better (they use Angus beef) and I am very suspicious of the dirtier places. (sorry I try to stick with the clean places :-P). For soondoobu, I like BCD Tofu House on Wilshire but soondoobu (in general) has so much MSG in it, I don't eat it often.

        1. my all time ktown fave is dae sung oak on olympic and hoover. go upstairs to the 2nd floor past the first floor soup area.

          their marinated galbi is tender and flavorful. the galbi is served with a unique dipping sauce with wasabi that goes really well with it.

          i also have never seen bulgogi prepared the way they do it there. it comes to your table in its own special gold grill surrounded by a moat of undiscernable liquid. as the bulgogi cooks its juices run into the moat mixing with the mystery sauce. once the meat's right for the picking, you take it and dip it into the saucy moat and enjoy.

          i think they have pork which i haven't gotten around to trying but the panchan's pretty good.