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Jul 21, 2006 08:30 AM

Where are my old posts?

I go to Advanced Search, enter 'bjrocky', and get nothing.
Same with topics that I have posted, like Dinard and Rapallo.
Any tips? I'd like to reply to the recent query on Brittany, but have no old posts. Many thanks.

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  1. i'm having a similar problem. i noticed that "my CHOW" is missing a bunch of my old posts. the advanced search function isn't working for me either. i went to the boards looking for a recent post that had disappeared from my CHOW, and it was there. what's going on?

    1. There are some tricks to the search box and I don't know them all, but here's a search that returns some results for you.

      You do need to make sure you are searching "all forums" and it seems there needs to be something in the search box- you can't just leave it blank. In this case I just put in "i". Not sure how different terms such as "a" or "and" there would affect the search.

      1. How are we supposed to know that? Have I missed something somewhere along the line?

        1. Next question - when I enter say "Dinard" in the French Board, once again, no response, even though I have posted information on Dinard in the past. Try it and see.
          What arcane code do I need now?

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          1. re: bjrocky

            Try searching Dinard on "All Boards" instead of only France only--I got a half-dozen results including several from you, mostly on the International Board. Explanation: they didn't move the old posts from International to the new sub-divided international boards.

          2. Great, that explains it - I think! I'll go browsing there.