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Jul 21, 2006 08:19 AM

Oki Dog: any good? Which location

Is Oki Dog any good? Which location should i go to and what should i get?



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  1. I'm guessing if you were a L.A. punk as a teenager you might want to go, but as a regular citizen any Oki Dog is rancid and pretty scary.

    1. Great after seeing the Circle Jerks, Black Flag, the Germs, and X play. In 1980. Now I just feel like a very old man when I drop by.

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      1. In addition to the notorious Oki dog, their fries are a sight to behold -- meaty and crispy, no doubt fried in week-old pastrami grease, but when my co-workers bring them in the office, they sure look good. In 1980 they tasted good, but not sure now.

        1. If you're young, short of cash, and stoned, or at least two out of three, and in the company of four or five high spirited friends who score the's still disgusting. But in a fun (and filling) way. Can't say I'm tempted to return. (And in any case the Oki Dog of my youth, on SM Blvd, is gone, and the others wouldn't be the same.)

          1. The original guys are still at the Pico Oki Dog, and the food, for better or worse, is identical to what it used to be when Darby Crash was a regular and mouldering remnants of pastrami burritos dotted practice studios everywhere. I do pick up a pastrami burrito at least once a year or so, and the counter guy still asks about my college girlfriend, whom he had a big crush on.