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Oki Dog: any good? Which location

Is Oki Dog any good? Which location should i go to and what should i get?



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  1. I'm guessing if you were a L.A. punk as a teenager you might want to go, but as a regular citizen any Oki Dog is rancid and pretty scary.

    1. Great after seeing the Circle Jerks, Black Flag, the Germs, and X play. In 1980. Now I just feel like a very old man when I drop by.

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      1. In addition to the notorious Oki dog, their fries are a sight to behold -- meaty and crispy, no doubt fried in week-old pastrami grease, but when my co-workers bring them in the office, they sure look good. In 1980 they tasted good, but not sure now.

        1. If you're young, short of cash, and stoned, or at least two out of three, and in the company of four or five high spirited friends who score the same...it's still disgusting. But in a fun (and filling) way. Can't say I'm tempted to return. (And in any case the Oki Dog of my youth, on SM Blvd, is gone, and the others wouldn't be the same.)

          1. The original guys are still at the Pico Oki Dog, and the food, for better or worse, is identical to what it used to be when Darby Crash was a regular and mouldering remnants of pastrami burritos dotted practice studios everywhere. I do pick up a pastrami burrito at least once a year or so, and the counter guy still asks about my college girlfriend, whom he had a big crush on.

            1. Let me once again take a different view. I'm not young, not stoned, and not short of cash. But every once in a while, I crave and get an Oki Dog at the Pico location (which is most definitely the only one to go to). I personally think they're great; not a once a week great but an every 6 months great. Tortilla, dogs, pastrami chili. And I don't want to think about what the oil they fry their fries looks like, but they taste good. The food is not rancid, and while the area may be a little scary, the only thing scary about the food is what it's doing to my arteries. But you could say the same thing about almost all the food (sushi excepted) that is discussed here. When and if they close Oki Dog, I for one will be sorry to see it go.

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              1. Bruin2 nailed it. Get the Oki Dog, fries and coke and enjoy!

                1. there are better late night heart attack foods out there - oki's combination of hot dogs, pastrami, and chili wrapped in a tortilla didn't really do it for me the first (and likely last) time i ever went there. just had a tommy's cheeseburger last night, and um, well i'm beginning to regret that too...

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                    As you age, they do "different" things to your body!! ;-)

                  2. This was my okidog experience and post a couple of years ago, FYI:

                    Have any other Chowhounds been to OkiDog?

                    Saturday night I went to see a friend of mine play in his band at Genghis Cohen on Fairfax. When I emerged, my friend and I were ready for something to, well, sop up the liquor. Having parked in front of OkiDog (which, strangely, I have never been to, even though I am a hot dog fan, and an dive fan as well) I said "Hey let's try one!" So we go into the place, which at the time was deserted. We sauntered up to the window and asked for two OkiDogs. The very nice gentleman behind the window asked if we wanted a 'hot-dog' or an 'OkiDog.' I said 'Oki Dog' of course. I wondered at the time what the difference might be, but I wanted to get the house specialty.

                    As we stood there talking, I watched the gentleman put 4 hot-dogs split down the middle on the grill, making 8 lengths of hot-dog. I thought to myself, 'Who is all that for??" Then, after a minute or two, he used some tongs to drag up and throw a HUGE portion of something that looked like corned beef on the griddle next to the hot dogs. Again I thought, 'Goodness, who the hell is all that food for??' I even looked around, but we were the only people in the place.

                    Then, he pulled two ENORMOUS flour tortillas from the refrigerator. He lay them on grill to warm. I started to realize what was about to happen. Ha! If only I knew! When everything was ready, he took each huge tortilla, arranged 4 halves of hot dog in each one, then piled on the 'corned beef.' THEN, he took chili that was cooking unforeseen next the grill and ladled it over everything. (It was Tommy's/Jay Burger type chili.) THEN he took large slices of cheese and put them on top. Finally, as I watched agape, he rolled it all together and gave us each the biggest 'burrito' either of us had ever seen. Hot dogs, chili, cheese, some kind of meat, huge portions of each, all rolled together in an enormous flour tortilla.

                    I just have to say, this was one of the most amazing, revolting, wonderful, literally heart stopping (cholesterol city), pleasure and heart burn inducing treats I have ever encountered. I am not sure I could ever eat one if I was not slightly toasted. But I will definitely be back.

                    I was just wondering what the Chowhoud consensus was.

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                      Oki Dog rocks! That meat is pastrami. When Jonathan Gold reviewed that place years ago, my dad took my sister and I there. Delish but scary. Papa told me crooked cops used to deal coke in the parking lot. Egads. But the og oki is worth a trip.

                    2. yumm get the pastrami burrito its pretty huge or the okie which is excellent or the grilled steak or chicken plate. All of these are under 6 bucks. Dont forget to get their tasty fries!
                      but go to the one on pico 2 blocks west of La Brea

                      1. I've only eaten a few oki dogs in my time, but I've never suffered any short term ill effects....long time, I don't know. The only place I get one is the location near Genghis Cohen. The food is much better quality in Genghis, but sometimes after leaving you feel maybe "I should have eaten more in the restaurant" so you take the plunge. I should point out, I was in Genghis to hear music. Don't make the mistake (or second one as the case may be), by ordering fries with the Oki Dog. A lot of food and saying this, I can be a big eater.

                        1. Having eaten there....once....I'd say that the Oki Dog is so wrong on so many levels. Why J. Gold likes them is way beyond me.
                          When Anthony Bourdain ate there on his FN show I remember thinking 'This is the Best Practical Joke, ever!'.

                          1. My curiousity got to me and I had an Oki Dog last night for dinner. I went to the location on Pico and ordered and Oki Dog and fries. I have to say, I thought it was kind of bad, even though I ate the entire thing. It's not something I can see myself going out of my way for. The dog was chewy and there wasn't enough cheese for my taste. It just wasn't nearly as interesting tasting as it sounds.

                            Maybe if I had been drunk or something it would have been more enjoyable. I usually love junk food like this, and was very disappointed. I had built it up so much befpre hand that the reality didn't come close to meeting.

                            The fries were very good, though. Nice and thick and perfectly cooked.

                            1. I have not gone there a lot but I have been there a few times. It's a dive, it really is a dive. In the early '80s and late '70s punkers used to go there a lot but now there are a lot of bums. Maybe the punks who were in their teens 28 years ago are all now grown up and they are the bums who visit the place. Who knows right? The bums are polite there tho. I like the taste of the food there but I don't go there a lot. It's not the bums that bother me but there were these three guys who came in the place and were really weird. One guy was looking straight up and walking around and another guy was staring at the ground and another was walking in circles then looking at all the patrons. They were weird like they were about to rob the customers. The paying customers not the bums. The food is fine as I said but I rather go else where.

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                              1. re: HoundDogz

                                I will take a different view.

                                It's my favorite chili dog in LA (I've only been to the Pico location). It's so nice and neat everytime, and the chili tastes fantastic. I actually do enjoy their okidog as well, but I can't eat that one nearly as much.

                                Fries are hit or miss though.

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                                  Has anyone been lately? thought I would take my son. Is the pico location the only one left. An what would you get Pastrami Burrito or Oki Dog? Thanks..

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                                    I went to the Pico location for lunch at the end of December. It was my first time. It's definitely in no danger of becoming a victim of gentrification, which I liked. The blinged-out gang members at the next table added atmosphere, but less so the guy who came up to us and gave us a hard sell on a "used" laptop.

                                    We ordered a pastrami burrito. I really wanted to like it -- it had all the promise of deranged greatness, like a monte cristo -- but in the end it was no more than the sum of its inharmonious ingredients. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't much better than bad, either.

                                    Maybe Animal or Oinkster could give the pastrami burrito the recognition that it deserves.

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                                      There is a second Oki Dog location at Fairfax and Willoughby, but by all reports it's worse than the Pico location. I drive by it frequently and it's about as inviting at the infamous Tom's Burgers at Sunset and Silver Lake Blvds.

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                                        do not get the oki dog unless you're wasted or like grease bombs. otherwise, get the chili cheese dogs.


                                        damn, 2009!

                                        1. re: ns1

                                          It's an acquired taste! But once you have it, you occasionally NEED it! I have been eating OKI Dogs since 1979!

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                                            And the great thing about the joint on Pico is the same bandana'ed chef by way of Okinawa is still slinging the pastrami on the greasy grill, close to two decades later.

                                            And in case you are still hungry after the burrito, there's always Roscoe's just a couple blocks away.

                                    2. Went OKI DOG on fairfax and got the OKI DOG.

                                      I found that the hot dog taste like bologna and the chili too salty.

                                      Maybe if I had a serious case of the munchies I might stop by again...LOL

                                      here is a pic of the OKI DOG...chili, chese, pastrami, and a hot dog

                                      1. I have been eating Oki Dogs since 1979! I met a punk girl at The Vex in East LA, (Rose), and she introduced me to the original Oki Dog on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Fairfax. It was fun back then to order the Oki Dog Special which included a huge bag of greasy fries, the oki dog, and a drink. The fun was in the fact that there was a rude Asian woman taking the order who would yell it back to the cook, who would yell it back to her to acknowledge the order. You would occasionally see people order them by the dozen, to freeze and reheat later. Anyhow, I developed a lifelong taste for them, even though they can be occasionally repulsive. Even at the original Santa Monica Blvd, location you would sometimes get what looked like a dog with a green/grey casing, but the old lady would replace it, (if you noticed and found it). Over the past 30+ years I have attempted to introduce the Oki Dog to girlfriends and family, and they all think I am crazy for eating it! My kids won't even touch it, so I pick up my "special" and then take them to Pink's or Carney's so we can all eat together! The Pico location usually include less chili and pastrami, but was "remodeled" in the past decade so it's less of a dive than the Fairfax location. I like the Fairfax location because it's closer to the original site and reminds me of going there late nights after skanking at the Whiskey, Madame Wongs, and the Roxy! And, I think that sometimes one of the original rude old Asian women still works there!!

                                        1. The one on Fairfax, of course. As you've realized by now, it's not about the food, but the experience, and surviving both the experience and the food.

                                          Please go late at night while stoned and/or drunk. Don't make eye contact with any other patrons.

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                                            What happens if you happen to make eye contact with the other customer's ?????

                                            1. re: kevin

                                              Like many feral creatures, they will move immediately into a flight or fight response.

                                          2. Go to the Pico location.

                                            Order the pastrami burrito and a dime bag of greasy french fries and you are good to go.

                                            It may just be one of the best junk foodstuffs on the planet if you can handle all the grease.