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Jul 21, 2006 07:34 AM

Amsterdam - need help narrowing down!

I'm planning a trip for early September and I can't seem to narrow down restuarants. I'll be there for four nights and I've already decided 100% on De Kas for one of them. For the other three - Price is no issue, I eat everything and love ethnic foods, I like fresh innovative food (not very into fried, heavy, cream sauce, kind of stuff), and I care about atmosphere - I like trendy, chic places, not stuffy or old, and that are pretty much totally full. I'm thinking maybe one really trendy place, one ethnic place, and one neighborhoody place.

Here's what I have: - sorry it's so long!

Voorbij Het Einde
Balthazar's Keuken
Pygma-Lion (if not dinner, maybe lunch)
De Witte Uyl
Blue Pepper or Tempo Doeloe

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. After a few more hours of work I have 5 dinner and 5 lunch choices - so I need to get rid of one in each category - I also would like to be able to fit into my clothes after this trip, so let me know if i'm trying to eat too much!!

    De Kas (dinner)
    Envy (dinner)
    Voorbij Het Einde (dinner)
    Mamouche (Dinner)
    Blue Pepper (Dinner)

    Pygma-Lion (lunch)
    Japanese Pancakes (lunch)
    Pompadour (lunch)
    Spring (lunch)
    De Bakkerswinkel (lunch)


    1. Alright - Last question I swear
      Will Voorbij Het Enide and De Kas be too similar? I decided to go for blue pepper and now I'm worried that every where I eat is going to be modern-minmalist decor. Should I switch out Voorbij Het Einde for Balthazar's Keuken?

      1. I posted something similar a few weeks ago and I don't know a few of your restaurants, but I did go to Balthazar's Kitchen and Envy on my last trip to Amsterdam - where as Bathazar's Kitchen was full, had a neighborhood feel, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and the food was great - Envy seemed to be a high end tourist trap, was empty when we got there, at most half filled up and had a sterile enviroment. The food was pretty good, although confusing to order, small portions and pretty expensive. I felt like we wasted a good night eating at Envy and would not do it again. Even if both places were priced the same, I'd still go to Balthazar's Kitchen. Since they are so close to each other, you should make reservations at both for later in the trip and then cancel one when you get a chance to see them. It's clear even when you walk by that BK is a better choice. I also like Tempo Doeloe much (and have seen similar posts by others), but do not know Blue Pepper and maybe that it also just as good. Have fun.

        1. As far as I am concerned here are the best choices on your list;
          #1) De Kas (you have to go), outstanding food and a unique ambiance.
          #2) De Witte Uyl, great personal service and remarkably well executed kitchen.
          #3) Tempoe Doeloe (Indonesian), if you like Asian cuisines that place is a excellent choice.
          #4) Balthazar's, good fresh food and a solid neighborhood feel but not an experience you will be talking about much, later. Still a very good choice.
          #5)For lunch I like to walk through a neighborhood, like De Jordaan, do some sightseeing and when I get hungry I'll pick a place that is crowded and has a good looking menu. In other words, take a chance and eat what the locals are having. You can't go wrong that way. Good luck.

          1. A great restaurant they have opened recently in Amsterdam is called Wagamama. They have a few locations and its very interesting. Asian fusion, noodles, ramen and other things.
            Very interesting flavors as well.
            I first went to Wagamama in London and have tried many places out in Los Angeles and can't find anything remotely like it. They have Wagamama all over Europe and even australia.
            Check out the website