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Jul 21, 2006 07:04 AM

shin sen gumi yakitori in gardena (with pics)

little else needs to be said about this place - most already consider it the best yakitori in L.A. (and the ever-long wait in line reflects it!) but i finally got a chance to chronicle my ordering habits there, as i try to go at least once a month. i think i overdose on the skewers, and astonishingly, i think yakitori-ya on sawtelle actually has a better tare negima, but ssg's shio negima stands head and shoulders above anything that has ever been impaled by a sharp wooden stick. also i can't get enough of their bacon-wrapped goodies and the general atmosphere of the place. i think their tsukune might have been a little off though - anyone else been lately? for the food porn photos...

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  1. Yummm!!! Thaks for the review and details... we'll have to try totally! :)


    1. Yummm, yummm! I'm there!

      Rameniac -- great photos (sorry to have drooooled on them!), and I love the commentary along the way.

      1. Great webpage. The photo of the chicken hearts did me in; Liu's not the only one drooling.

        1. did you get the pork belly wrapped around shiso leaf? that's the one i order in multiples. also the potato croquette (!!!?)

          1. I went to the Fountain Valley location this evening. Do I dare say that I give it the edge over Honda Ya?