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Jul 21, 2006 04:27 AM

Woodbridge NJ

or Edison, or Menlo Park, or Iselin, or anywhere within 20 minutes drive. We'll be staying at a hotel in the vicinity and are looking for a goood dinner. Bringing kids, so not too fancy, but they're only enough to behave, so it doesn't have to be KFC either. Maybe Italian, maybe seafood. TIA

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  1. I know Cheesecake Factory is a chain, but it always goes over well when my family gets together (kids and all). They have a menu avilabale on line to look at and ot is located right in Menlo Park Mall in Edison. (how convienent for you:)

    Good Italaian os very hard to come by, but located on Main Street in Woodbridge is TRATORIA VENEZIA. (located next to Vito Mazza Hair salon/Spa) The owner, Remi, is always there to greet you and madke sure you are having an outstanding meal. He has traditiona Italian dishes as well as some daily specials. He also has a liquor license. (There is another Italian rest. right down the road on Main Street, but I SIMPLY HATE this place. They ruined a bridal shower I was at there, by, asking all 60 women at the party what they wanted to order...they did not give us the pre-set menu the bride to be had it cost her so much $$$ out of pocket because these people tricked everyone into beliveing.."this is what the bride wants" bad is that? order anything off the menu and let the bride pay? very bad)

    Islein...I only know that thaey have a major Indian population, so I cannot sugget anything.

    Right down on Rt.27 South, past Iselin into Edison is Lou Ca's. This is an Italian restaurant in a strip mall. I have not been here in 3 years, so I cannot really tell you much more. I do remember I enjoyed it.

    On Rt. 1 North side, there is a new diner which looks like something out of the "Jetsons cartoon" very futuristic, it is called THE SKYLINE DINER. I have eaten here once and I can tell you, I did not feel as if I was in a diner. Excellent food, prices were great, and very big portions. I think your kids would like this place!

    There really aren't any seafood places that come to mind in this area, except Red Lobster, but that does not count for me.

    Well, I hope you try some of the above, I think you will be pleased!

    Enjoy your stay!

    1. Hello:

      My three favorite places to eat in Woodbridge with the kids are:

      1) Jose Tejas - located on rt 1 almost where 1 and 9 join up marked only by a huge EAT sign. They have good chips and salsa to keep the kids busy while you down your choice of Margaritas, great and cheap kids menu, and one of my favorite gumbos outside New Orleans. I prefer the cajun dishes to the mexican dishes, and nothing is "gourmet" quality, but it is very kid friendly and good food.

      2) JJ Bitting Brewpub - located on 33 Main st. Great wings, chili, burgers, and, for the adults, beer. Also, if you like sweet potato fries, the JJ fries are excellent.

      3) Poor Billy's - located on rt 9 North just across from the Woodbridge Mall. If we are out for an early dinner, this place is very relaxed and kid friendly. Later on at night they turn into a club, often with live music and rowdy crowds. If you go, they have good steaks, burgers and the like.

      As far as Italian food or seafood goes, you are not far from some really good places, but none of them are in Woodbridge. If you really want either of those I suggest you hop on the GSP and head down towards the shore.


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      1. re: seal

        Hi Seal! It's me, Angelina! I know you live in Monmouth County like me (I think so anyway!)

        Sorry to inform you, but Poor Billys' closed nearly 2 years ago. (Finally!..That place had it's day!)

        It is now owned by a Greek family who owns a string of Go Go LOOKERS and BREATHLESS. They are going to call it CHRIS MICHAELS STEAKHOUSE. I wish them luck because from what I have been told, the prices are through the roof! I would much rather go to LONGHORN steakhouse on Rt. 1 North in Woodbridge before vsisiting a steakhouse in Woodbridge, NJ who wants to charge $ 35 - $ 50 per steak! If I am going to pay those prices, I will be on 49th Street at Del Frisco's in NY!
        I met the owner a few years back, (Chris) a real sleazy guy. Older gentelman, but he would not take his eyes off of a certain body part of mine, lets just say. My husband was right there, too! No cooth whatsoever! Also, every word out of his mouth was F***. Disgusting! Just wanted to share the info!

        P.S. I really enjoed your Vegas post! The restaurants sounded amazing!

      2. Hello:

        Wow Angelina! Poor Billy's closed? My middle-aged brain sure isn't what it used to be. I could have sworn I went there once over this past year.

        Well, small loss anyway. The kids really prefer Jose Tejas when we are out that way. Please tell me JJs is still around. I haven't been in a while and since I posted I have been thinking about going back for some chili and sweet potato fries.

        Funny how that works. All the recent posts about Thai food have gotten me thinking about Far East Taste so I am on my way to open the place for lunch today ;o)


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        1. re: seal

          JJ's is still there. I have not been there since they many years now??? I agree, kids love Jose Tejas, but know I am craving El Meson in Freehold! yum! Seal, did you ever try that Thai place that opened in Freehold on RT.9 North...I cannot remeber the name, it is next to the Capital Lighting store and right in between Ferrari's restaurant and an Indian restaurant. I really enjoy Thai food as well, but I have never been here. Just thought you may have tried it.

          thanks :)

          1. re: Angelina

            I've been dragged into Jose Tejas many times and have never enjoyed anything I've eaten there. However, my kids love the place. Angelina, I agree with you about El Meson -- I'm there at least 2x/month. As for the Thai place, I tried it shortly after it was reviewed by Andrea Clurfeld in the APP (about 2 years ago) and was disappointed with the food (don't remember now what we ate). I've never been to the adjoining Indian restaurant, but I know that RGR has recommended it from time to time.

            As for the OP, I have no specific recommendations, but if you and your family have an interest in Indian or Chinese then you're in luck. Indian restaurants abound in Iselin and Chinese in Edison. There are many posts about which places are best and I'm sure others will chime in if you express an interest.

        2. There is a Rodizio place in Perth Amboy, "Seabra's Armory" right on the water. 200 Front Street if my googling is correct. I was there a few years ago with a dining club and we had a great time and excellent food.

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          1. re: JugglerDave

            Seabra's is still there and a great place for radizio as well as sangria

          2. Hello:

            Angelina, that Thai place was actually just Aangan splitting itself into two "separate" restuarants. Their thai food was not that great though and the two times we went there after trying it we just had the wonderful indian food at Aangan.

            Full agreement on El Meson though. As a resident of Freehold, we go there a lot. Much better mexican food than Jose Tejas, but if you are up that way with kids, the gumbo alone at Jose tejas is worth the trip.


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            1. re: seal


              I also live in Freehold and seems that we frequent many of the same places. I read upthread or perhaps a different thread your post that you're an elementary school teacher. Do you teach in Freehold?

              I've been enjoying your posts and look forward to reading about any new Monmouth restaurants you might discover.

              1. re: jsfein


                Please check the "Site Talk" board since it seems that any reply I give here about a Monmouth co chowhound meet n eat gets deleted or moved.

                As an aside, I went to the Little Kraut in Red Bank for dinner last night and was shocked when the chef burned my veal medallions. At least they made a nice effort to put things right and offered a new one. Since I was short on time, they just adjusted the bill. Very nice to see what I believe should be standard policy in effect. Kudos to the Kraut.