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Brookline Turkish Family Restaurant, Brookline Village, Brookline

Some standouts from a feast:

Oleanna could learn a thing or two from their icli kofte (and some of their other dishes too!)- meatballs with aromatic pinenuts and bulgur wheat with a complex clovey spicing.

A remarkable zing of currant or something like it in the savoury grape leaves, stuffed with soft rice and draped with yogurt,

Salty and clean tasting crumbled cheese top a flatbread, glowing new from the oven.

A perfect foil of smokiness in the bubbly eggplant puree.

The thinnest shade of delicious charred flavour on the Iman bayildi, eggplant stuffed with herbs, pinenuts and ground lamb, touches of sweet and tart in an encompassing savoury dish.

A light bean dish, cool and slick from olive oil and lemon juice,gently piquant from a mellow dose of black pepper.

Baby okra simmered softly in tomato sauce.

Astounding stuffed cabbage, delicious beyond its simple appearance.

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  1. I had the stuffed zucchini there recently. That's another good one.

    1. I was there for the first time last week and was really blown away by the flavors. We ordered the Mixed Grill/Karisek Izgara (since we wanted to try a few of the meats). The lamb and the adana were the best on the plate. We also had the Sultan's Delight which had the delicious eggpant puree that limster mentions above with lamb.

      I should be posting about it in a week or two on eatanddestroy.

      1. If you ever see the Karniyarik on the menu there, definitely consider getting it. It is a delicious meal consisting of eggplant stuffed with ground beef, onions, peppers, and a variety of spices.

        1. There is an appetizer there that I dream about. It is an eggplant puree bathed in a tangy yogurt sauce. If you can, get it!

          1. I had a similarly transporting couple of experiences here. The place doesn't look like much, but they set the tone immediately with that big free plate of fasooleeye piaz (cannellini bean salad). Superb, oversized, thick lahmacun; very light and ungreasy mucver (zuchhini/feta fritters with yogurt sauce); the best döner kebap (the gyro-like vertically-grilled lamb dish) I've ever had, crusty and moist at once; a dreamy Sultan’s Delight, lamb cubes in a cumin- and paprika-scented tomato gravy, served atop intensely smoky eggplant puree. Kunefe (honey-soaked shredded wheat with custardy cheese filling) for dessert, good Turkish coffee and salty ayran (a lassi-like yogurt drink), and a hot tea I think was apple-based. Ridiculously large portions, very hard not to over-order here, and a great value.

            1. I tried the Brookline Family restaurant a couple weeks ago. We went there specifically because we missed turkish food. we lived in eastern europe for a couple years where turkish food has a big influence. We specifically wanted a nice doner kebab style sandwhich. WOW this place is awesome. The sandwhich was huge and satisfying with fresh ingredients. I also tried a bunch of apps that were amazing. I got a nice grilled lamb kebab plate that came with tons of rice pilaf and salad. Amazing. Turkish coffee was also just like i remember in Europe! I live in Wakefield, so Brookline is a bit of a pain to get to, but I will definately be going back many many many times.

              1. I can't find an on-line menu for them - do they offer fresh marinated anchovies? I had some of the best ones I've ever tasted when I was in Istanbul.

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                    Thanks. Alas, they don't have anchovies, but there's plenty of other stuff on the menu that looks good.

                  2. re: BobB

                    I don't recall seeing them there, but don't give up hope: they often have items in their deli case and specials that aren't listed on the standard menu (like three or four soups every day).


                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                      I do not recall seeing it on the menu during my recent visit, but I am not a fish person, so I usually subconciously skip over anything fish related. If it is a common dish in Turkey, I would not be surprised if they have it or have offered it as a special at one point...

                      1. re: mwbachta

                        I've never been able to even order any of the fish on the menu,; it always seems to be out of stock, except some fried fillets....

                        1. re: galleygirl

                          Their fried sardines are excellent-- we've been able to get those fairly reliably. (They used to be on a specials menu, but I think a while back they were promoted, when they got new menus... I might have this all backwards, though)

                        2. re: mwbachta

                          I was there last week for the fist time in a year or so and noticed an extensive fish menu that is new and a steam table case that looked OK. I ordered my usual adana kebab and was a little disappointed in its taste and texture (seemed reheated). In fairness, it was about 4pm and perhaps cook's break.

                    2. Did the prices recently take a big hike upwards, or were we imagining things when we where there last week? I think the mixed grill was 18$ (?)

                      1. I went to this Turkish restaurant a few years back and I just don't think too much of it. It's also has the dated diner look n' feel. I recommend Sultan's Kitchen in Boston near Quincy Market instead.