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Jul 21, 2006 04:15 AM

Cafe Claude - what to order?


I'm going to Cafe Claude Saturday with my sweetie, what should two non-beef/pork eaters order, there? The menu petit plats sound good (the coquille st Jacque in particular..) what are portion sizes like?

thanks for any 'feed' back,


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    1. i usually order several small plates to share rather than getting an entree. i highly recommend the escargot. i usually get the chevre salad, a cheese plate, escargot with a side of fries and the coquilles saint jacques. that should be plenty for 2 people.

      1. Just a brief report - we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner last night at Cafe Claude. The service is very good there; efficient without hovering. Good bread was brought promptly to the table - I hate when that doesn't happen! The have a small but interesting wine list. My only complaint is that the portions are quite small for the price, I felt. We had the special goat cheese and herb stuffed figs wrapped in prosciutto (very good - the filling was divine), the cabecou goat cheese salad (very nice), the special pasta of the day (with few, but perfect, mussels), and the Coquille St. Jacques which was not what I thought it was going to be, but it was very good! Dessert was the cherry claflouti, which was a bit dissapointing for me. It really, really, deserved more cherries! and less overly eggy custard (in my humble opinion).

        Overall, a nice evening, and I would go back. Maybe to try one of the larger plates, or for lunch, next time.


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          Thanks for reporting back. If your clafoutis had less than one cherry per spoonful, you was robb'd.

        2. I went to Cafe Claude on Saturday night, and found it to be a little uneven, although we had a terrific time. Solid service, and they were happy to let us linger for several hours. The endive salad was far too chivey for my taste (I have an aversion to raw onions), but the pate plate was three different tasty little dreams. And their butter--oh, my.

          I thought the escargot was disappointing--I expect escargot to give me a full-on mouthgasm, but I mostly tasted butter and raw garlic without the earthy yumminess of the escargot itself. And the texture was a bit like overcooked calamari.

          All was forgiven, though, when I tried the chocolate mousse. THAT gave me the satisfaction I wanted in the escargot.