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BEST french toast?

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My favorite french toast so far is the ones at the CITY BAKERY... yuuum it's so fluffy inside and nice and caramelized on the outside. I've had the french toast at julienne's which was o.k. and the cornflake crusted ones from marston's.. again, good but once is enough. where do you get your FAVORITE french toast places? i prefer something not too sweet (i do not use the maple syrup for the city bakery one..) fluffy..not soaked with the custard mixture... thanks!

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  1. Mine by far has to be Brent's Deli, thick cuts of Holla made into french toast-simply delicious, now I might have to stop for some in the morning before work.

    See what you did :>)


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      Challah with raisins is the ultimate egg bread.

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        Since we've resurrected this thread, I shall plug Norm's. No, not the chain restaurant we all love to hate. This is one of the ubiquitous burgers-pastrami-tacos places, but I can't get over their French toast. Don't get the breakfast burritos there, though, they're greasy and flavourless -- get those at Corner Cottage on Victory and Verdugo.

        Norm's Hamburger
        1201 W. Magnolia Blvd. (3 blocks west of Victory Blvd.)
        Burbank, CA 91506

      2. Homemade.
        2 day old brioche
        heavy cream
        fresh eggs

        I tend to soak it thru on a thick slice so it ends up like soft scramble doneness inside.

        1. 26 Beach Restaurant, they have about 12 to 15 different ones. My favorite is the Peaches and Cream, carmelizrd peaches, ice cream and melba sauce.

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            26 Beach does rock the French toast. Love Kings Hawaiian - ask for the cocanut syrup or they will bring you regular maple. FYI - the Local Place does not have the cocoanut syrup. The Kettle for oeufs pain perdu - French toast stuffed with marmalade and cream cheese. I also had killer French toast at Cisco's next to West Coast Choppers that was really tasty.

          2. I really like th French Toast at King's Hawaiian in Torrance. Made with the King's Hawaiian Bread (uh yeah, I guess that was obvious), not too sweet & definitely not soggy. YUM!

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              I'm not a big FT guy, but my kids love it at Rutt's Hawaiian.

              Sort of along the same line, point being that Hawaiian bread makes some great french toast.

            2. Croissant French toast at The Old St. Angela Inn in Pacific Grove, California... flaky croissants lightly dipped in egg batter with a touch of cinnamon, griddled, and topped with fresh berries.

              Oh. My. Gawd.

              (PS: Their breakfasts alone are worth the stay!)

              The French toast at the Original Pancake House is consistently tasty, but not a stand out like the Inn.

              1. ONE PICO followed closely by SQUARE ONE.

                1. You've gotta try Junior's the Jewish deli on Westwood Blvd by the Westside Pavillion. They use thick slices of their fresh baked cinnamon bread. Its amazing. I don't like syrup drenched french toast either so this is perfect b/c there is a touch of sugar in the bread so you don't even need syrup if you don't want to. The prices are a little steep, like $14ish i think but the portions are HUGE. enjoy!

                  1. Julienne's
                    2649 Mission Street
                    San Marino

                    French toast, and everything else that they have!

                    1. Luna Park has great french toast on their weekend brunch/lunch menu. I've also heard raves about EmLe's (from Carmel, now in Northridge), though I didn't care for it when I tried it in their original Carmel cafe. It had a crust of little, fried crunchy bits (cornflakes? batter?) that made the whole thing very heavy.

                      1. Although I have to vote for my own (my GF's birthday tradition is my carmelized french toast), when I eat french toast out, I really like the versions at Amandine. Nice orange french toast and several other fruit-topped versions.

                        Good bakeries SHOULD be good sources for tasty french toasts.

                        1. dessert french toast... pain perdu at cobras and matadors is awesome.

                          1. I think French Toast is hard to get a consistent favorite -- it's even hard to get agreement on preferred French Toast bread (brioche, cinnamon toast, croissant, stale sourdough, etc.), let alone batter, cooking style and actual restaurants.

                            That being said... I personally like Julienne's and the Peach Cafe.

                            1. I had lunch for the first time at The Griddle Cafe on Hollywood near Fairfax yesterday. Their pancakes are about the size of flattened basketballs and everything on their menu sounds great. The waiter was great and told us that the french toast is the best there and gave us a slice on the house. it was SOOOOOOO good!!!!

                              1. French toast made with Pannatone is the most decadent!!!

                                I buy as many as fit in my extra freezer at the end of the holiday season [Trader Joe's has the best price] and freeze them for french toast and Pannetone Bread Pudding!!


                                1. We like the "bread pudding-ized" French Toast at The Rose Cafe in Venice.

                                  1. i'll have to try the french toast at City Bakery but it does sound very pricey at about 10 or 12 bucks an order, since when did french toast get so damn expensive.

                                    For what it's worth, one of the best Toasts i have ever had is the French toast at Square One Dining with the carmelized pecans, vanilla bean whipped cream, and bourbon-maple syrup. Truly dynamite sauce.

                                    And as for 26 beach, is the Peaches n' Cream toast have ice cream or fresh whipped cream?

                                    1. I like the French toast at Europane in Pasadena. It's not over the top, just right.

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                                        Joe's in Venice. You can't beat it. Every time I bring friends they just are amazed.

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                                          I second Europane's. Its that blueberry sauce and fresh whipped cream that sets it apart. Also the texture on the bread is amazing.

                                        2. The french toast made of brioche at BreadBar is pretty spectacular.

                                          1. The Potholder in Long Beach. Yummy golden goodness, topped with cinnamon powdered sugar. Alternate between maple and boysenberry syrup...

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