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Jul 21, 2006 03:39 AM

Dessert and meal ordering

The last couple times at decent/nicer restaurants I've started basing my dinner selection based on what dessert I am going to be having. A couple times I've asked to see the dessert menu at the start of the meal. Get a funny look from the waiter but it comes and I sort it all out.

Anyone else think like this? Or act on it?

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  1. As a waitress, I can attest that it's happened a few times but is a bit rare. I love dessert though, so I do understand it, and you should never get a funny look from any waiter for such a harmless request...!

    1. Interesting idea. I'm usually not hungry enough to eat dessert in a restaurant, but I like the idea of seeing the dessert menu first so I know if I should plan ahead! We do that all of the time when it comes to appetizers and entrees (i.e. see three great appetizers, so we order those and split one entree). Why not apply it to desserts. Nice idea.

      1. Some desserts e.g. souffles, will need additional time if they're made to order. Most places with items like these will often advise pre-ordering them with the rest of the meal. Would be useful to look at the rest of the desserts at the start of the meal to decide.

        1. I have actually eaten my meal backwards before by ordering dessert first, then the main and appetizer last. I'm not a big eater and if there's a dessert I really want (I have a horrible sweet tooth!), I will definitely start there so I don't miss out ;-)

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            Haha - I remember when one woman at a table I was serving demanded a bread pudding as her dinner. She was also having a key lime martini...and her three other guests were doing appetizers + entrees + wine. Whatever makes the customer happy...

          2. Oh, I often like to know the dessert menu up front. Many times because I'm choosing between having an appetizer OR dessert; not quite hungry enough for all three courses.

            But other times it's nice for the dessert menu to be a surprise, it's like you're getting an extra dining experience including the fun of perusing, deciding, and ordering.