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Jul 21, 2006 03:36 AM

What's good, Baltimore?

Just looking for some simple spots for the weekend.

These good?

Faidley's Seafood in Lexington Market (Lunch)
Cafe Hon (Lunch)
Mama's on the Half Shell (Dinner)
Abacrombie Fine Food (Brunch)
Sylvan Beach (Ice Cream/Coffee)

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  1. Faidley's Seafood - Definitely
    Cafe Hon - Not worth the trip. Not bad, but not great
    Mama's on the Half Shell - Very good
    Abacrombie Fine Food Never had brunch there, but very good.

    1. If you like Greek, I'd hit Samos- best salad dressing! (closed on Sundays & also closes around this time of summer for vacation so might check first) I wouldn't go out of my way for Cafe Hon.

      1. You may want to switch Mama's and Abercrombie; only because while I like Mamas and frequent there, Abercrombie is IMO one of the best restaurants in the City. Definitely worth the price of admission.

        I'd also probably recommend Copra for lunch before Cafe Hon, but I'm a big Copra fan.

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        1. re: atls21231

          So, where do you think would be a good Sunday brunch spot then? Mama's?

        2. I agree with most of the above. Cafe Hon would be the one I skip if time was in question.

          Definitely stop by Sylvan Beach for ice cream and good vibe. If you are planning a trip this weekend, the Artscape festival is in the neighborhood. Sylvan Beach usually has a booth at the festival, as well as the shop on Preston Street. Try the Key Lime Pie. Unbeleivable.

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          1. re: KAZ

            We are indeed going to Artscape, so that's great Sylvan has a booth. Will definitely check out the key lime then. Must be great.

            1. re: KAZ

              You weren't lying. I had the key lime at the festival and it is now in my top 5 all-time ice cream faves. Astoundingly good. Also went there for cappucinos after, which were also very, very good. Thanks for the rec.

            2. If you are going to Hampden, I'd go to the Golden West Cafe rather than Cafe Hon.

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              1. re: BaltiMucho formerly ck

                I second Golden West. When I lived in Hampden, the chorizo burritos at GW were a weekly routine. sooooooooooooooo good.