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Jul 21, 2006 03:33 AM

Oaxacan Food Stand at South Bay Farmers Markets - Memelas, Empanadas, Molotes, and Enchiladas?

In my googling to find info on a South Bay Farmers market I came across this vendor. Anyone tried them?

Sorry if they have been mentioned, but even with the new search engine there is no way I'm going to try to Google that name. What a BAD name for the internet.

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  1. They come to Palo Alto from time to time. We got some tamales once, but they weren't the kind we like. If I remember right, they didn't have much flavor or complexity. Their mole was OK, but again, I wasn't bowled over.

    1. i know there was a vendor today at the san carlos market selling tomales and some other items, not sure if it was them.

      1. They're at the Los Altos farmers market on Thursday nights. I really WANT to like it as much as I like Primavera at the SF Ferry Plaza. Unfortunately, everything I've tried lacks flavor and complexity. However, the agua fresca always hits the spot on a hot day, but I skip the food.

        1. Didn't try them, but they were at the Campbell market last Sunday.