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Jul 21, 2006 02:07 AM

Fancy desserts in Berkeley and Oakland

Hello, former pastry chef here pursuing desserts...
Looking for flavor, visuals, structure, interesting different things...

more like those in restaurants than gelato, bakeries, etc,

Sure would like to know where to go...

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  1. haven't been there in a while, but A Cote on College (Rockridge) has always had unusual and exceptionally tasty desserts. Their cocktails are also yum. I seem to recall a dessert of chocolate toffee ice cream bon bons with caramel sauce that made my friend and i gasp. they change their menu often, so maybe there are some new surprises.

    1. Masse's on Shattuck, above Vine.

      1. Okay, it's a bakery/pastry shop but Masse's is, IMO, the best in the East Bay.

        1469 Shattuck Ave.

        In the same complex with Black Oak Books and Saul's.

          1. Crixa in Berkeley

            also, in Berkeley (top part of Solano Ave.) there's a nice bakery/pastry shop on Solano near Colusa -- forget the name though.