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Jul 21, 2006 01:44 AM

Michelada mixes?

Has anyone tried MicheMix to make a Michelada?

If so, do you have a preference for the flavors - Salimon, Original and Original Picante?

Or do you have a good recipe for making your own michelada? It seems there are variations

At the end of this link it says

"The standard version of Michelada blends light (Corona, Sol, Dos Equis, Tecate or Carta Blanca) or dark (Bohemia, Negro Modelo) Mexican lager with lime, salt, pepper and varying combinations of Worcestershire, hot sauces, or other flavorings.

The micheladas at El Sarape include the customer's choice of a Mexican beer poured with fresh lime juice, Worcester-shire sauce, optional hot sauce ("some people like it spicy with Tabasco," Luja says), and salt."

Here's an old Chowhound post discussing using maggi in micheladas and the different variations in different parts of Mexico.

How do you make your Michelada?

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  1. Lime, salt, Tabasco, a dash of Worcestershire and a dash of Maggi if I have it around. Negra Modelo beer -- the additions overwhelm your stereotypical Mexican "beer-flavoured soda".